18 Gray Cat Breeds


Cats are bred in a vast array of sizes, builds, and personalities. Narrowing down your choice of cat breed by a preferred color can greatly help you find your future feline friend. If you think you would like a gray cat, also known as blue or silver by breeders and formal cat show participants, this … Read more

Can Cats Eat Whipped Cream?

can cats eat whipped cream

It is no secret that cats are one of the world’s most persistent culinary connoisseurs. When you eat or even simply walk into the kitchen, your previously aloof cat is suddenly your most adoring fan. As you prepared your morning coffee, then your evening dessert, your cat circled your legs, begging for a taste of … Read more

How Can I Tell If Two Cats Are A Bonded Pair?

how to tell if cats are bonded

A bonded pair of cats is just that: a pair of cats who have formed a strong emotional bond to each other and will become depressed or anxious if separated. According to the Kentucky Humane Society, bonded pairs are frequently, but not always, littermates. Cats in a bonded pair have usually grown up together or were … Read more

Holiday Fun for Cats: Can Cats eat Gingerbread?

As you begin baking for the holidays, you may have a feline “helper” supervising your baking. After all, cats have powerful noses and gingerbread smells amazing. As you pull the cookies out of the oven, your cat is eyeing the cookies and you, trying to convince you to share. Can your assistant have a sample? … Read more

Whoo’s menu is your Cat on? Can an Owl eat a Cat?

Domestic cats have been valued members of families around the world for centuries. According to Owl Pages, there are approximately two hundred and forty-four breeds of owls in the world who have also been valued members of ecosystems for centuries. Many small breeds of owls successfully coexist with felines.  Though these mysterious birds of prey … Read more