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how to clean cats ears

How to Clean Your Cat’s Ears: The Ultimate Guide

As a happy cat owner, you might be wondering how to clean the ears of your precious pet and whether or not you should even do that. Great question! After all, there so many assumptions around this mysterious body part, that it might be a bit difficult for you to […]

whole house smells like cat urine

How to Get Rid of Cat Urine Odor in House

No one likes the smell of cat urine. The ongoing smell has stopped many people from dropping by apartments and homes of cat lovers as well as drive feline owners nuts trying to cover it up. Ways exist to not just cover up the horrible odor of cat urine but […]

things cats hate

The Top 10 things Cats Hate and the Reasons Why

Millions of homes across the world have adopted cats into their families. That is because cats can make one of the best companions you could ever hope for. Although they are cute, cuddly, and most of the time friendly, they can still be quite particular about many things and are […]

How To Travel With Cats in an RV

RV Life With Cat Companions

Have you got an RV trip planned for the year? Are you taking your beloved kitty along? One of the joys of traveling like this is that you have far more freedom to take pets along, but how do you do so in a way that’s safe and enjoyable for […]