Cat Breath Smells Like Death

Why Does Cat’s breath smell like death? Have you ever caught the wind of your feline’s breath and thought that it smelled very bad? It is not usual that you to smell your feline’s breath. However, once in a while, you may be close to your feline as it yawns. If you have smelled the breath and it made you feel disgusted, then it is time to consider it a serious problem. 

Halitosis is a condition that arises due to poor oral hygiene. In fact, some felines develop foul breath over the years, while others experience it early due to genetic makeup. 

Reasons for cat breath smelling like death


Halitosis is the term for awful breath in cats. It may have numerous reasons, but it normally takes place when plaque buildup takes place in a feline’s mouth. This lets microorganisms grow, and you may ultimately smell the microorganism on your feline’s breath.

Medical Conditions affect the Gastrointestinal Tract, Liver,  Mouth, or Kidneys

Sometimes awful breath does not come from terrible dental care. However, instead of from a few different places of the body. Other scientific conditions that have an effect on the mouth can cause breathing issues. Similarly, issues in the liver, gut, or kidneys could make your feline’s breath smell awful, and that is why getting a whole dental checkup is so vital.

Periodontal Disease

If left unchecked, plaque buildup will change into tartar buildup. This can cause infection along the gum line. As the bacteria keep reproducing, your feline’s breath gets worse and worse, and they will additionally suffer from irritation and pain, a circumstance called stomatitis.

Periodontal disease can lead to other health issues in felines so you need to cope with the problem as quickly as possible. 


If your feline’s breath smells off but smells fruity rather than foul, it suggests diabetes. When ketones build up in the blood because of diabetes, it makes the animal’s breath odor sweet.

If you observe this odor, take note of whether or not your feline is urinating more frequently, that’s another signal of this circumstance.

A prompt visit to the vet to rule out this risky circumstance is needed. If your feline does have diabetes, fruity-smelling breath can imply you need to revisit your diabetes remedy plan with your vet.

Poor Diet

Your feline’s food regimen has an immediate effect on their breath. A terrible diet full of additives and difficult-to-digest ingredients will stink your feline’s breath. A higher food regimen can improve gastrointestinal health, which will additionally assist enhance your feline’s breath.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer happens if a squamous cell carcinoma develops inside your feline’s oral cavity. This may be on any soft tissue, such as the tongue, gum, palate, and tonsils. It commonly causes awful breath and trouble eating.

Remedies & tips for getting rid of your cat’s bad breath

Feed your feline a proper diet

Select natural feline food over processed foods to help your feline stay fit and healthy. Give your feline plenty of water to avoid dry mouth. When choosing cat food, 

  • Avoid foods that have a lot of food coloring and chemicals
  • Choose a food that is easy to digest
  • Use wet food to help your feline get more fluids
  • Give your feline a variety of food to avoid weight loss due to boredom

Try feline chews

Feline chews have ribbed, rough edges to scrap out the tartar of the teeth. Use these chews to help with the oral care schedule.

Brush your feline’s teeth

If you want fresh breath, you need to tackle the issue many pet owners prefer to avoid. Brushing your feline’s teeth needs patience and practice. To get started

  • Take a small amount of tooth gel on a toothbrush or your finger
  • If your feline tolerates it, then use a feline toothbrush
  • Select a time when your feline is calm and happy
  • Go slow, build trust
  • Repeat this till you can do the process all at once
  • Use positive reinforcement

Use water additives and gels

Gels and water additives can help with your feline’s breath. Add these things to the water or else rub them n the feline’s teeth. This will reduce the tartar and plaque your feline has. 

Take your feline to the vet for oral examination

An oral examination from your vet is a vital part of oral hygiene. This will rule out any health issues that are making the breath smell very bad. If your feline’s bad breath is rancid, you must schedule an appointment with your vet. 

Recovery of bad breath in cats

Of course, the healing time for your feline will range dramatically relying on the cause. If the cat halitosis is only because of something caught under the gums, then your feline must enjoy complete and on-the-spot healing. On the other hand, liver cancer and other critical illnesses might be life-threatening.

After an entire expert dental cleaning, your feline may be required to live in the clinic for recuperation. Multiple teeth extractions could require assisted feeding, pain medications,  iv fluids, and oral antibiotics. The vet will speak about what the proprietor can do to save the feline’s halitosis from recurring.

Final words

In conclusion, I would say that there are different reasons behind your feline breath smelling like death. We have listed 6 of them above. I hope you find this article useful. If you have any query, you are free to ask. We would love to hear from you. 

We will be back soon. Till then, stay connected. Thank you.

Frequently asked questions

Hy does my cat’s breath smell rotten?

One of the most common cause of halitosis in felines is periodontal disease that is cuased by tartar and plaque. The plaque contains bacteria which gets attached to the tooth as soon as the feline starts to salivate.

How can I get rid of my cat’s bad breath?

  1. Add water additive to keep bad breath away
  2. Brush your feline’s teeth to fight the bad breath
  3. Go for chew toys and dental treats for felines
  4. Give your feline a proper diet
  5. Visit your vet to regularly for oral checkups

Why does my cat’s breath smell like rotten eggs?

Breath smelling like rotten egg is not normal. Felines and canines develop plaque on their teeth everyday. The plaque contains bacteria. And this bacteria feeds on the food your feline eats.

How do you know if your cat is suffering?

Delining interest in god things like socia interaction, exploring outside, and playing is the most common sign to notice. Other signs include

  • Hiding away
  • Appearing lame
  • Increased sensitivity to touch
  • Reduction in movement
  • Reduction in activity

What is a natural remedy for bad breath in cats?

For a feline with bad breath, parsley is a great remedy. This is because it has odor-eliminating properties. In fact, different bad breath felines treat use parsley as the main ingredient for fighting bad breath.

What does bad cat breath smell like?

A healthy feline’s breath must have a minimum smell. In fact, your feline’s breath should be of a neutral smell. Any bad smell is a sure sign of poor oral hygiene or any other health issues. 

Is bad breath in cats normal?

A neutral-smelling cat breath is a sign of a healthy mouth. Oral and dental diseases are the most common problem that cats face today. Hence, maintain your feline’s oral health to assist maintain their overall health.