18 Gray Cat Breeds


Cats are bred in a vast array of sizes, builds, and personalities. Narrowing down your choice of cat breed by a preferred color can greatly help you find your future feline friend. If you think you would like a gray cat, also known as blue or silver by breeders and formal cat show participants, this … Read more

Flame Point Siamese – Your Own Personal Groupie

Flame Point Siamese

The Flame Point Siamese is the rarest Siamese cat coloration and the most in-demand. The Flame Point Siamese is a talkative and family-friendly companion that is quick to learn and easily trained. Without regular company and stimulation, however, this cat’s vocal protests will not go unheard! If you are considering adding a Flame Point Siamese … Read more

How Long Do Persian Cats Live in Most Cases?

How Long Do Persian Cats Live

Persian cats bring a lot of enjoyment to their owners with their beauty and delightful personalities. It is reasonable to wonder what type of lifespan any purebred cat, including a Persian, may enjoy. How long do Persian cats live? Most live 12 to 18 years, with 14 being the median age for the breed. A … Read more