Cat Breeds


18 Gray Cat Breeds

Cats are bred in a vast array of sizes, builds, and personalities. Narrowing down your choice of cat breed by a preferred color can greatly help you find your future feline friend. If you think you would like a gray cat, also known as blue or silver by breeders and […]

are brown cats rare

Brown Cats are Rare: Cat Genetics Explained

Cats come in all different colors and patterns and some coat colors are much more common than others. A true brown cat is rare and hard to find in the chocolate variety. Brown cats are most often pedigree cats and are very beautiful. The cat’s coat color depends on the […]

House Cat Vs Bobcat

House Cat Vs Bobcat: Is It All About Their Tails?

Kittens and bobcats usually look much alike when they are firstborn. They are soft and cuddly, they nurse from their moms and open their eyes around 7 to 10 days after birth. Taking a closer look at a small house cat and a bobcat can help you distinguish between the […]

Flame Point Siamese

Flame Point Siamese – Your Own Personal Groupie

The Flame Point Siamese is the rarest Siamese cat coloration and the most in-demand. The Flame Point Siamese is a talkative and family-friendly companion that is quick to learn and easily trained. Without regular company and stimulation, however, this cat’s vocal protests will not go unheard! If you are considering […]

How Long Do Persian Cats Live

How Long Do Persian Cats Live in Most Cases?

Persian cats bring a lot of enjoyment to their owners with their beauty and delightful personalities. It is reasonable to wonder what type of lifespan any purebred cat, including a Persian, may enjoy. How long do Persian cats live? Most live 12 to 18 years, with 14 being the median […]