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How To Get Cat Poop Out of Carpet

How To Get Cat Poop Out of Carpet?

Our pets do sometimes have accidents and miss the litter box. It’s important to note, that it’s not usually because they are trying to make a mess for you to clean up and there is usually some sort of reason behind it. A new kitty needs to learn what the […]

Why Does My Cat Smell So Good

Why Does My Cat Smell So Good?

Most domestic cats really do smell good. They have several natural scents that they can give off that humans find extremely pleasing. Kittens usually give off a scent that is very pleasant to the nose. This makes loving them even easier and it makes total sense. Cats are fastidious groomers […]

Do Cats Need Beds

Do Cats Need Beds?

The average cat spends twelve to eighteen hours a day sleeping, and a good quality cat bed is the best place to do it! But do cats need beds?  While they are not a necessity, cat beds do serve a purpose providing comfort, personal space, and helping with temperature regulation. […]