Pain Relief in Cats: What to Know About

pain relief for cats

Have you ever witnessed your cat in distress and reached for your bottle of ibuprofen? Fortunately, you probably second-guessed yourself. A cat in pain can seem exceptionally vulnerable and heart-wrenching because most felines are ordinarily so stoic. Pain relief for cats requires expertise and finesse. Cats have nothing in common with dogs or humans when … Read more

Cat Runny Eyes: How to Discover the Cause

cat runny eye

With their beautiful, uniquely colored irises and vertical pupils, a cat’s eyes do not seem to bear much resemblance to yours. After all, cats can see in the dark and have that odd reflective glow at night. However, there are not many structural differences between a cat’s and a human’s eye. Cats can suffer from … Read more

Kidney Failure in Cats and Life Expectancy: What to Know About

Kidney Failure in Cats Life Expectancy

Do you have a senior cat that has been diagnosed with kidney disease? Or do you have an outdoor cat that you suspect has exposed herself to toxins? Does kidney disease mean a death sentence for your cat? The question of kidney failure in cats and life expectancy invariably comes up with the renal disease. … Read more

Weight Loss in Cats: When Should You Worry about

Weight loss in cats

What if you suddenly notice your cat is losing weight? Is it acceptable that your pet who was once fat now looks slender and sheik? When does weight loss in cats turn serious? Weight loss in cats can be abrupt or chronic. Chronic cases can go unnoticed for weeks or months. Cats are sensitive creatures … Read more