Why Does My Cat Bring Me Its Toys

Why Does My Cat Bring Me Its Toys

Cats are particularly playful pets, especially when they are young. They love playing with all types of toys and most also love a great cuddle from their owner. Your cat can bring you toys for many different reasons, such as wanting you to play with her, wanting praise or a treat, or showing her affection … Read more

Pairing Off: Are My Cats A Bonded Pair?

how to tell if cats are bonded

Most all pets do well in a setting where they have others of their kind to interact with–especially cats. Today, our domesticated cats like to have interaction with another of their kind, and many times two cats will bond together as a bonded pair that are just about inseparable. Cats that bond in pairs is … Read more

Help! How to Calm Down My Crazy Hyper Cat

how to calm down a hyper cat

Is your cat a nighttime zoomie? Does she go nuts sometimes? All kittens and cats are playful, but sometimes, even as they grow older, cats may be hyperactive to the point that it disrupts your household. There are several things that cause this behavior and also several solutions to try to calm your kitty down. … Read more