Cat Behavior

Should I Leave a Light on For My Cat?

Is Leaving a Light on for the Cat Okay? Even though most cat owners are aware of their pet’s visual acuity in the dark, whether to keep a light on or not is a reasonable question.  Will your furry friend benefit from having at least a modest amount of light? […]

why does my cat run away from me

Why Does My Cat Always Run Away From Me?

Cats run away from their owners all the time as this YouTube video shows. Sure, there are some exceptions, but just keep in mind that you are not alone. Cats run away from their owners for all sorts of reasons, and this does not necessarily mean your furry friend does […]

do cats know when you are sick

Do Cats Know When You Are Sick?

According to Nan Talleno, a reporter for CBS Philly, both dogs and cats can detect illness in both humans and other animals. They do so at least partly by scent, for both animals have a much better sense of smell than do humans. A dog’s sense of smell is particularly impressive; depending […]

Why Does My Cat Bring Me Its Toys

Why Does My Cat Bring Me Its Toys

If you’re an avid cat lover, you may have experienced your cat coming up to you with a toy in its mouth, perhaps all the while meowing in your direction. What is the meaning of this odd behavior? Are they trying to communicate something, or simply responding to a primal […]