Cats Kneading Its Mouth In Blankets And Biting Them? But Why?

Did you Notice Your Pet Cat Kneading its Mouth In Blankets Thereafter Biting and ripping them apart? Sometimes cat kneads his paws and purr and closes his eyes when he sees me. As soon as it enters my room, he starts to do this weird behavior. Is it Normal or something to worry about let’s find out.

Well, Cats have scent glands in their paws. This means they are able to claim the blanket as their territory by kneading it. Also, kittens knead their mom’s nipples to release milk. If your feline is sucking the blanket whilst kneading, it is a form of comforting behavior.

Cats show particular behaviors around blankets that make little sense to humans. If you have ever questioned what your feline is thinking whilst purring contentedly in bed, then things will quickly become clearer.

What Is Cat Kneading And Biting?

Before we get into all of the whys, it is essential to understand precisely what this unusual conduct is. Kneading is when a kitten or a feline presses their claws into gentle surfaces, like cushions, blankets, or garments, and every so often even our own flesh.

When felines knead, they push in and out with their toes against the floor they might sleep on. They normally use their claws and retract them as they pull back, one paw at a time. Some felines suck or chew at their blanket whilst kneading, which is likewise pretty common.

While biting could bring consolation to a few cats, if your feline is doing more than biting and is certainly consuming the blanket it could be a concerning circumstance referred to as feline pica. It happens when cats consume non-food materials.

Why Kittens Knead And Bite Their Moms

According to Science Direct, younger cats find out how hard they can nibble and chunk from their moms and littermates.

When kittens are born, they naturally knead and then bite their pussycat mother’s nipples to stimulate milk production.

This does more than simply feed them. It additionally offers them consolation and relaxation.

When they get older, felines usually outgrow this tendency. However, in a few instances of cats taken away from their moms too young, this addiction may also continue into maturity.

It can also be that a few cats reminisce about the consolation of their mothers while they’re confronted with a soft, relaxed blanket.

Why Does My Cat Knead Me

Why My Adult Cat Bites And Kneads Blankets?

Many cat proprietors have witnessed their fully-grown pussycats setting out and retracting their claws towards soft surfaces like blankets.

This addiction to kneading is regularly observed by purring and biting or suckling.

This does not imply that a cat is dysfunctional. Conversely, it shows that cats feel very comfortable and relaxed, and by biting, kneading, and purring, they’re soothing themselves to sleep.

If cats feel secure enough to knead, it is a signal that they’re happy and content.

The feeling they’re experiencing is similar to the experience of safety provided by their mothers, so it is a huge praise to a proprietor when a cat feels so loved.

Should You Be Concerned?

If your cat aces the art of biting and kneading, there is a good chance that she will carry this behavior throughout her life.

This habit is not something you must worry about. However, it can be a tense situation if you have noticed other uncommon symptoms like bad health.

Does Your Cat Have Pica?

Cats that have in no way shown signs of biting blankets or different fabrics are probably using this conduct as an attempt to self-soothe.

If you have been away from the house for longer, or if your interaction with your feline has changed, perhaps your feline is feeling stressed or bored. Even though felines try to act cool, they love their regular routine. Small adjustments may make your feline feel left out.

If you discover your feline biting and sucking on substances that are dangerous especially plastic, or artificial fabrics, it is probably a signal of underlying clinical trouble known as pica.

According to Arnold Plotnick (Veterinary Medicine doctor at the ACVIM), you must test a feline with gastrointestinal signs and a history of consuming uncommon items in a proper way.

Next time you discover your feline biting their blanket, ensure they are not in fact consuming it. With fluffy and fuzzy blankets, it may without difficulty pass unnoticed.

Is Oral Health The Reason Behind It?

Another common cause your feline can be sucking and biting on their blanket is dental ache. Some felines use this approach to alleviate this ache, by pulling the blanket aggressively or maybe chewing on it. They could be seeking to relieve themselves of pain, or they are calling to you, trying to bring your interest to issues like these.

If this is the case then ensure to test your kitty for signs of gum ailment or tooth decay. A visit to the vet is an excellent way to get rid of this concern.

Allergies Are The Potential Reasons

While kneading and biting can be a perfectly ordinary habit, there are different factors that would make it pretty risky for your kitty. The danger lies within the blanket itself. It is very essential that your feline’s blanket is made of safe materials, ideally hypoallergenic. Chemicals utilized in cheap materials could cause sneezing, swollen paws or indignant skin, or even vomiting.

Cats Kneading its Mouth in blankets

How do I stop my cat from kneading and biting the blanket?

You can use cat repellents to keep your cat away from the blanket. Also, you can use some homemade solutions rather than using commercial ones. This is because the commercial repellents contain chemicals that can harm your feline.

Some natural repellents include:

  • Lemongrass
  • Citronella
  • Lemon or lime
  • Lavender
  • Peppermint

Washing the blankets with softeners containing any of these ingredients can help you stop your furball to knead and bite the blanket.


Felines are humorous creatures, and their habit of kneading and biting blankets is absolutely one of their strange behaviors.

No matter how stupid they look doing this, though, it’s also one of the most unmistakable signs that they feel safe.

When accompanied by purrs and lazy eyes, a cat may also simply be in snuggle heaven.

However, keep a watch on their body language just in case, especially if this isn’t normal conduct for them. They may be seeking to communicate something. 

Frequently asked questions

Why Do Cats Suck On Blankets?

Indoor cats frequently do not have sufficient activities to maintain them active and stimulated. As a result, a few cats may also select to interact with the blanket. Therefore, sucking the blanket is their way of easing their strain and anxiety.

Why Do Cats Knead And Bite Blankets?

Kittens knead and bite their mom’s nipples to release milk. While maximum cats outgrow this conduct, others discover it comforting all through their life. By kneading their blanket cats also claim it as their own property. In fact, all the credit goes to the scent glands of their paws.

Male Cat Biting Blanket While Kneading

When a feline sucks or bites a blanket whilst kneading it, it approaches that your furball is mimicking the time she was suckling at the teat of her mother. For her, this conduct is an attempt to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Why Does My Cat Knead My Blanket And Purr?

Kneading is a usual trait in felines, who frequently knead on a soft surface, including a blanket, other cats, or you. It seems to be enjoyable and soothing—many felines will purr contentedly, drift off into sleep, or actually zone out and enjoy the motion.

Kitten Kneading Blanket Purring Very Loud

There are numerous theories behind this curious conduct. Kneading is an instinctive trait, that frequently kneads on a smooth surface. It seems to be enjoyable. Therefore, we often hear them purring.