Is Fish Mox Safe for Cats

You may question yourself ‘Fish Mox for cats? Is it safe?’. Well, before finding out the answer, let us see what exactly a Fish Mox is. Is It Safe to Give Amoxicillin Antibiotics to cats?

Have you ever encountered your cat in inflammation, pain, discomfort, redness, or signs of bacteria infection? In this situation, you may also hear someone saying ‘Use fish Mox for your cat.’

Fish Mox in General Terms

Fish Mox (Aquarium Amoxicillin) is an antibiotic. It has the potential to fight against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria in saltwater as well as freshwater.

Also, it helps to control gill disease, skin ulcerations, eye infections, and pop-eye. On the other hand, it is a type of penicillin that targets the bacteria causing disease. Hence, it terminates the growth of bacteria by preventing them from creating walls. 

As a result, it halts the bacteria from multiplying and helps the fish to get relief from the infection.

Is Fish Mox safe for cats?

Yes. You can give Fish Mox to your feline in emergency cases. Just make sure that you give it proper dilution and proper dosages. You can easily buy Fish Mox and use it for your feline.

Also, Fish Mox works quite well if you have multiple cats and they catch upper respiratory infection(URI)  at the same time.

Many breeders use Fish Mox and other medications that are marketed for fish. But, do consult your vet before giving any medication to your cat.

Common circumstances to give Fish Mox to cats

Upper Respiratory Infection

When felines cope with an upper respiratory infection that may display symptoms such as eyes being very irritated, swollen pink, and nose caught closed or a snotty nose, it appears to be a rite of passage.

Fish Mox might be used in felines for Upper Respiratory Infection. If your felines aren’t treated properly, they will suffer longer and be in a lot of pain that you absolutely cannot see and afford for the one that you love.

Mix 250 mg of fish Mox in 50 mL of water. This makes the solution a ratio of 5 mg/mL. You can give 5 to 10 mg once daily for 7 to 10 days. 

Swollen jaw

Potential reasons for your feline’s swollen jaw include:

Fight with another cat – 

This is the most common reason for a feline’s swollen jaw. It might have been scratched or bitten which has ended in bacteria deposited under the skin which has festered into the swelling that you could have noticed.

Cat teeth and nails do not frequently result in an apparent wound. However, infections will frequently develop if they were attacked by any other cat.

Stung by a few insects-

Maybe it was stung by an insect, it might have an anaphylactic response such that part of its face would swell.

The dose for a 10 to 12-pound cat will be 1/2 of a 250 mg tablet two times a day. You will need to pull the capsule apart and divide the granules in 1/2; its dose might be one-half in the morning and the other 1/2 in the night.

Hopefully, your cat will eat the granules mixed in a small number of canned meals. However, if it does not, then blend the granules with a small quantity of water and use a syringe to dribble the mixture into the mouth.

This drug must be administered with meals to keep away from stomach disturbance. You need to deal with the infection for 7-10 days.

Abscess in felines

You can use Fish Mox for cat abscesses. An abscess would possibly develop on a cat after she has been hit or bitten by some other cat or animal. The bacteria that get right into a wound from a bite is what causes the abscess.

If you see that your feline may have an abscess, and there’s no vet you can show them to, you may supply them diluted doses of Fish Mox.

The thing is, whilst the abscess just pops, clean the inflamed region and give Fish Mox (that’s more secure for cats) to give as an antibiotic. The dosage said to give is 5mg/lb. of cat. You need to give the antibiotic for 1-2 weeks or till the wound scabs are over.

The Administration Guidelines of Fish Mox

Use distilled water

Open 3 capsules (500 mg) and mix them with 21 ml of distilled water. Administer 2-2/2 ml two times a day depending on your feline’s size.

Add it to your feline’s food

You can mix one capsule (250 mg) two times a day in your furball’s food. Give 50mg 2 to 3 times per day.

If you cannot find the 50 mg capsule, then use a 250 mg capsule and divide it into 5 parts. Then, give 1 part of the food. 

Give it with a banana-flavored shake (for infants)

Open two 250 mg capsules in a small bottle. Now, add 20cc of banana-flavored shake for infants.

After that, shake it well and feed it two times a day to the adult feline. And, 5 tenths of cc to older cats once a day.

250mg capsule in water

Take 250mg Fish Mox, crush it, and add it to a cup. Now, add 10ml water. Shake well and keep in the fridge. 

Side effects of Amoxicillin for cats

  • Antibiotics, inclusive of Aquarium Amoxicillin, can cause several side effects for your cats. Since each cat is an individual, every cat will reply differently to amoxicillin. Following are the most prevalent side effects of antibiotics: fever, rashes, kidney or liver damage, vomiting, and diarrhea.
  • Antibiotics may be specifically difficult on the digestive system, so verify in case your cat should take the medication with or without food.
  • Make sure that your feline is not having risky complications if Fish Mox is taken while other antibiotics are already in its system. And a few cats are allergic to it.
  • Monitor your cat carefully while taking any medicines and alert your vet to anything out of the ordinary, fitness or behavior-wise. Moreover, more potent warnings for cats that may be pregnant.

Final words

In conclusion, I would say that it is ok to give your cat Fish Mox. It can be very helpful to relieve the issues that your feline is facing.

Therefore, do not hesitate to give your feline the mixture of Fish Mox. Just make sure that you have diluted it properly. Also, give it in an appropriate quantity.

I hope you liked the article. We will be back soon. Till then, stay connected. Thank you

Frequently asked questions

How do you mix Amoxicillin powder for cats?

For a 15mL bottle, add 12mL water and for a 30mL bottle, add 23mL water. Make sure to use the mixture within 14 days of making. In fact, in place of Amoxicillin powder, you can also give Fish Mox to help your cat get out of the health issue she is facing.

Can I use fish amoxicillin for my cat?

The answer is yes. It also works well if you have more than one cat in the house and they catch URIs together. Just take a 250mg capsule and mix it in a gallon of water. Shake it well and give the mixture in place of water for 7 to 10 days. Make sure you are not keeping the mixture as it is for long. It is better to give a fresh mixture every time. 

Is Fish Mox the same as regular amoxicillin?

Yes. This is because these antibiotics are the same drugs as those used in humans. That is why humans sometimes buy fish antibiotics and consume them. If you want to do this, make sure you research it on the internet first.