How to Keep Your Cat Calm During Car Rides

how to calm a cat in a car when traveling

Why don’t cats like cars?  If you’ve ever tried coaxing your cat into the car for a drive to the vet, it’s a safe bet that you noticed Fluffy’s aversion to road trips. Unlike their canine counterparts, most cats simply dislike traveling in cars. According to, there are several reasons, based on feline behavioral characteristics, … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Cat Sedatives For Travel

cat sedative for travel

What Are Cat Sedatives? According to Wikihow, cat sedatives can help your cat sleep and/or keep your feline friend calm during a long car ride. Using a cat sedative is often a highly effective way to keep your cat calm while traveling. Are Cat Sedatives Exclusively Designed For Cats? While some cat sedatives are exclusively designed … Read more

Your Comprehensive Guide to Successful Cross-Country Moves with Kitty

how to move cats across country

Help! We’re Meowving. Moving across the country for work or school can be a stressful process for your pet. While you have the benefit of looking ahead and preparing for the change, your cat is in for a big surprise when her routine, home, and familiar surroundings drastically change. It is up to you to … Read more