why do cats follow you into the bathroom

Bathrooms and Your Cat: Why are Felines Attracted to This Room?

Your cat might rule the household as it roams freely among the rooms. Most doors are open. The bathroom, however, tends to have a door that’s either exclusively open or closed at any given time.

It seems like cats are suddenly attracted to the bathroom from the moment that you enter it. This fact is true for almost every variety of feline.

Cats follow you into the bathroom for several reasons, including territory purposes, curiosity, and alternative reasons.

The feline’s natural instincts are part of the reasons why you can’t have a private space in the bathroom. They’re naturally curious and persistent with their behaviors.

Curiosity is a Feline Trait

Think of your domesticated cat as a wild animal. There’s a good reason for it to be curious. It can lead to food, water, companionship, safety or shelter.

A wild cat must be curious to survive, so these same traits are part of the domesticated feline. Some pet owners might perceive this trait as an annoyance, but it’s simply ingrained in their DNA or genes.

Learning more about cats is crucial to a solid relationship with your pet. Taking a look at this YouTube video by Animal Wised might be a good idea. It explains the top mistakes that humans make in regards to cat care.

Following you into the bathroom is just another way a feline satisfies its need to be curious in its environment.

Territory Extends Throughout the Home

According to Canidae, cats are naturally territorial. They might have favorite areas in the home, but the entire property is considered theirs for exploration purposes.

When you visit the bathroom, the door is typically shut behind you. Cutting off part of the cat’s territory is cause for concern. They would rather follow you into the bathroom than be forced to remain outside of the territory.

One way to rectify this situation is by distracting the feline with an attractive alternative, such as a scratching post. Leaving this item just outside of the bathroom door might deter the cat from scratching and howling at the door itself.

Opportunities Abound With Bathroom Access

The bathroom is simply a unique space in the home. There’s no other area where an easily accessible bowl, such as the bathtub, can be found.

Cats love to play with water that might drip from a faucet, for instance. The Spruce Pets reports that felines may even lick up any droplets in the sink or tub that might be leftover after human use.

The toilet-paper roll might be the most tempting item of them all. When a cat discovers the roll, it might hone in on this item so that it can be unraveled in record time.

Some Cats are Picky About Their Water

If your cat was in the wild, it would drink from running water in a stream or an alternative source. A water bowl in the kitchen doesn’t mimic this scenario at all. The bathroom presents a flow of water from either the sink, tub or toilet.

Pet Naturals reports that dripping or flowing water is more attractive to cats than their everyday bowls. Some pet owners might see their cat trying to drink from a running faucet as they brush their teeth, for example.

You might remedy this situation by offering a water fountain to your cat. The moving water can save the bathroom from a messy situation caused by feline excitement.

Being Close is a 24-Hour-a-Day Affair

Cats are certainly aloof animals, but that fact doesn’t mean that they don’t appreciate your relationship. Felines that bond with their owners will want closeness whenever possible. A warm lap is tempting at any time of day.

When you enter the bathroom and close the door, that bond is essentially severed in the cat’s mind. They instantly want that closeness because it’s being denied right now.

Cats that observe your habits in the bathroom will know that you sit down on the toilet. Your lap is a calling card to the feline regardless of your activities in that space.

Observing the Surroundings is Natural

If a cat doesn’t know what is going on in its environment, harm might come to it. It’s a natural survival instinct to observe everything in the cat’s immediate surroundings. Closing the bathroom door cuts off these observational habits.

The cat doesn’t know what is happening to you or the details within the bathroom space. It reacts by scratching at the door. When you enter the bathroom next time, the feline makes a beeline for space so that it’s not shut out.

Cats will scan the area as often as possible so that they feel safe and satisfied.

Bathtubs are Tempting

There are theories that cats enjoy the cool feeling of the bathtub on their fur, reports Inverse. The sink can also be sought out for this sensation.

There may be another temptation in the bathtub that has to do with visual stimulation. Air and water trapped under those bathmats, for instance, can give off some unusual reflections at close inspection. Cats may see the changing colors reflected off the bubbles as a game.

They might pounce on the mat thinking that there’s something to catch. If the bathroom door is closed on a regular basis, following you into space is the only time to catch those pesky bubbles.

Petting Time Might be Habit

Most households are busy spaces. People may not sit down too much during the day where a cat can receive some petting attention. The bathroom offers an opportunity.

Cats learn that the bathroom is a space where they can receive some undivided attention. When you sit down on the toilet, there’s not much else to do than to pet the cat. This bonding time is important to felines.

The only way to combat this scenario is by giving the cat plenty of attention outside of the bathroom. It may still follow you into space, but the feline might be more inclined to explore the tub instead of nuzzling your legs.

Hanging Items are Exciting to Felines

Bathrooms are perfect spaces to hang items out to dry. Bathrobes, towels, bathing suits and other items are often placed on towel racks and clothing hooks. Cats see these items as opportunities for fun.

They want to bat the hanging items around. There may be no other place in the house that has such temptations.

As cats learn this reality, they’ll follow you into the bathroom at any time. They’ll seek out the hanging items and play to their heart’s content.

Privacy Remains Important to Cats

One of the most secluded spaces in a home is often the bathroom. It’s a private area with little noise. Cats instinctively look for private spaces as solitary animals, states VetStreet.

Solitude and privacy equate to comfort and safety in the cat’s mind. When they’re in the presence of their owner, cats feel even safer about their surroundings. It makes sense that they would appreciate the bathroom as a reprieve from a busy household.

Ideally, don’t create stress for the feline by locking it out of the bathroom. Allow it to explore in a safe manner. Their demeanor may improve with some alone time.

Familiar Scents are Attractive

Many families place litter boxes in the bathroom. They have a particular scent that’s familiar to the cat. When pet owners go into the bathroom to perform their business, the cat is curious about this new scent.

Remember that humans are animals in the same sense as cats. Every species must eliminate waste. Cats are attracted to human scents because it reminds them of their own.

In essence, this body function is a bond between humans and felines. It shows that the species aren’t that different after all.

You might create your own private sanctuary for the cat by trying a covered litter box. It will appreciate the solitary space.

Cats will always be attracted to the bathroom. Consider the habit as a comment on your bond with the pet. Any bathroom visit will always be a pleasant one with a feline by your side.

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