why does my cat run away from me

Why Does My Cat Always Run Away From Me?

Cats run away from their owners all the time as this YouTube video shows. Sure, there are some exceptions, but just keep in mind that you are not alone.

Cats run away from their owners for all sorts of reasons, and this does not necessarily mean your furry friend does not love you.

Your Feline Could be in Heat

One main reason your cat may be running away from you is because of sex. According to TahoeDailyTribune, Felines are quite sexually active and will climb over anything to find a mate. This is definitely one reason your cat may be running away from you.

Cats can smell other cats in the neighborhood who might be in heat or will travel further if there are none nearby.

It might be a good idea to consider neutering your cat to reduce the need to look for sexual partners. Keep in mind that cats that run away may not always find their way back home, so addressing this issue is vital.


Territorial Roaming Could be Making Your Cat Run Away

Cats are very territorial, but domestic cats also have to deal with other cats who may be claiming the same territory.

One reason cats run away is because of this territorial underworld they live in. Cats develop a system amongst each other so they do not run into each other.

Perhaps your cat is going away because he or she is giving them space to another cat. It should be pointed out that, to your cat, your home is not the only territory it claims.

What a cat considers to be home is quite expansive, so he or she may not be running away from you but rather just need to be in another part of its home territory.

A Hunting Spirit May be the Answer to Your Problem

According to the British Ecological Society, Sure, cats may have been domesticated, but that does not mean they aren’t still hunters at heart. The hunting instinct is alive and well within a cat’s genetic heritage.

You may provide food for your cat, and no one is saying you should stop, but sometimes a cat needs to find prey so he or she can do its thing.

It could be that your cat runs away simply because he or she needs to hunt every now and then. Addressing this issue is going to be a little hard, but it isn’t impossible.

There are some cat owners out there who try to play with their cats and provide a toy they can hunt from time to time. This might a good way to help your cat control urges.

A Little Homesickness Maybe the Root of This Issue

Okay, so you know how territorial cats can be. According to HillsPet, Well, this trait can be part of the reason your cat keeps running away from you if you recently moved out. Your cat may be running away because it is looking for a home that you took away.

Cats that will be relocating need to do this in a way that is not so jarring. You are going to have to take steps to address this problem.

Some people actually take their cats to their new homes a few times and let them roam the area so they can get acquainted. This is going to take some time, so be patient with your cat during this transition.

Bundle of Joy Arriving and Now Your Cat is Scared

According to HillsPet, Your furry pet can sense all sorts of things, including the upcoming change of a new baby in the house.

You would imagine that the arrival of a new baby wouldn’t change anything, but your cat may feel threatened by this change.

For a very long time, this furry friend of yours has been the center of attention, and you’ve had all the time in the world for your pet.

The time you had for your furry friend will decrease. A baby takes work and will take up a lot of your time, making it harder to dedicate the same amount of attention to your feline friend.

Some cats see this and may actually start running away because it feels neglected. Your pet may find a surrogate owner who will provide the attention you used to give. It is up to you to create a schedule that accommodates your new duties.

Your Cat May Have Found Another Home

Cats like to be pampered and will accept some love from anyone. It is possible that the reason your feline friend is running away from you is simply that it has found another home.

Cats could find a second home if they feel neglected as mentioned earlier, or they could find a new home simply because someone else treats them a little better than you.

You might want to start following your cat to find out if someone is giving your cat too much love. This neighbor could help by stopping what he or she is doing though that is going to be a strange conversation to have.

If you have this talk, be sure to be kind and understanding. You can also just go ahead and give your cat more love and better treats so he or she is not inclined to look elsewhere.

A Dominant Cat May be Forcing Your Feline to Run

This is probably going to anger some cat lovers out there, but the possibility exists that your cat is running away because it got kicked out of the area by a more dominant cat.

Sometimes, felines fight with each other, and the winner might inherit the area your cat once claimed as his or her own. The reason your cat ran away could be that your pet is doing what is expected of him or her.

You are going to have to do something about protecting your cat from this dominant cat. For one, you can keep your cat inside for a while to protect it from further injury.

It might be a good idea to install a motion sensor sprinklers to help frighten this dominant cat away.

If the cat is owned by someone else, talk to the owner about keeping the cat away from your home. You can also contact your local animal shelter if this is a feral cat.

A Growing Furry Family Might Force a Cat to Run Away

Cats can feel strange about all sorts of stuff, like you bringing home a new baby as mentioned earlier or even a new pet.

You know how territorial cats can be, so the idea of bringing a new pet into their territory could be quite stressful to your cat.

A feline in this situation may react in a few ways; some cats may go on the offense and begin to attack your new pet, while others may actually run away, looking for a new home.

It is important that you do your best to prepare your feline friend for this change so he or she does not overreact when your new pet arrives. You can talk to your vet for additional tips on how to do this safely.

Mistreatment Does Hurt and Could Make Kitties Flee

Okay, you love your cat, and you probably give your furry friend all sorts of love, but that does not mean every person in your home does the same. Maybe your cat is running away because it feels mistreated at home.

It might feel strange interrogating everyone at home to make sure your cat is not being mistreated, but you may have to do this for the sake of your pet.

Try to encourage honesty, and do your best to let those living know that you are not looking to punish them but simply trying to improve the situation for everyone involved.

You can restructure the way your household runs if you find out that someone is not a cat person.

This is okay; all you have to do is make sure you set new boundaries so your cat doesn’t feel mistreated and this person in your home feels more comfortable as well.

Now, you know some of the reasons cats run away from owners. As you can see you, the reasons vary, but that does not mean you cannot address them. Your cat still loves you; there are just a few obstacles chasing him or her away.

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