5 Reasons Why Your Kitten Won’t Poop

kitten not pooping

If your kitten isn’t pooping on a regular schedule, there could be many reasons why. It could be an indication of a medical problem or it could be your kitten’s age. Either way, you need to figure out how to get your kitten to poop. This guide will help you to identify why your kitten … Read more

Whoo’s menu is your Cat on? Can an Owl eat a Cat?

Domestic cats have been valued members of families around the world for centuries. According to Owl Pages, there are approximately two hundred and forty-four breeds of owls in the world who have also been valued members of ecosystems for centuries. Many small breeds of owls successfully coexist with felines.  Though these mysterious birds of prey … Read more

Cat Ingrown Nail: Top Ways to Prevent This Pain

cat ingrown nail

How often do you think about your cat’s feet? Chances are you do not think about them much except maybe in relation to when your cat uses your curtains as a trapeze or your couch as her favorite scratching post. A cat’s paw is not only a means of mobility but intricately woven with the … Read more