How Much Do Maine Coon Cats Cost

There are many reasons to love Maine Coon cats, with their beautiful long coats being one of them. One of the good things to know about these cats is that there are many options for acquiring one. You can find one through a breeder, as well as a shelter or rescue.

How much are Maine Coon cats?

Most breeders charge $400 to $1,500 or more for Maine Coons. If you are getting a cat from a shelter or rescue, expect to pay $50 to $150.

This video demonstrates some of the traits that explain why the cat is in such high demand. Although the largest Maine Coon cats likely come from show lines, there are cats in many price ranges.

What Are Some Average Prices for Maine Coon Cats?

According to Maine Coon Central, Maine Coons are among one of the most popular cat breeds. These cats have docile, gentle dispositions and are loyal.

One of the things that contribute to the breed’s popularity is that it is good with children. These cats remain calm most of the time and are unlikely to have issues with aggression.

An average price for Maine Coon cats that come from breeders is $400 to $1,500. However, depending on the line that cats come from, the price may reach or exceed $2,000. Cats that come from show lines are usually worth the most.

How Do Quality and Breeding Affect the Price of a Maine Coon Cat?

Maine Coon Expert several breeding factors may affect the cost of a Maine Coon. Cats with a pedigree will cost more than cats that aren’t pedigreed.

When you decide to buy a cat that you intend to show or breed, you will pay more. Breeders invest a lot of time and money in producing cats suitable for the show ring or breeding. Because they put so much effort in, you will pay more.

If a breeder is advertising their cats as being purebred, they should have documentation proving this status. Cats lacking pedigree paperwork may be mixed-breed rather than purebred.

Although a cat that ends up being a mixed breed can still be an excellent pet, it may not have all the traits most wanted in a Maine Coon cat. For one thing, a cat of mixed ancestry may not have the personality that makes the breed so popular.

Getting a Healthy Maine Coon Cat Makes a Significant Difference

According to Andrei Gimmus, responsible breeders belong to the Cat Fanciers’ Association. Healthier cats are usually more initially but less likely to have high medical costs.

Hip dysplasia, a condition more commonly associated with dogs but possible in Maine Coon cats because of their size, is a painful condition possibly leading to paralysis in the hindquarters. Surgical intervention runs into the thousands.

Maine Coons are susceptible to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which may lead to problems that include stroke. A cat diagnosed with this condition may require medications. When possible, such cats should see a vet specializing in cardiology.

These cats are also somewhat likely to have periodontal disease, which may result in teeth having to be pulled. Cats who have had enough teeth removed may require a special diet of soft or liquified foods.

A Maine Coon cat with a chronic health condition may add hundreds or thousands to your veterinary costs every year. Choosing a cat from a breeder who offers health guarantees may help you avoid these high costs.

Does Color Make a Difference in Your Cat’s Price?

Ginger Cat House emphasizes the impact that color can have on the cost of a Maine Coon. Ginger cats, sometimes known as orange or red tabbies, are popular and likely to cost more.

The majority of ginger cats are male. However, a small number of cats of this color are female. Because ginger females are rare, they are likely to cost more when purchased from a breeder.

Ginger cats enjoy a reputation for being friendlier than many others. Even though there is little evidence to support color having anything to do with personality, many still believe that orange cats are friendlier and will seek them out.

Another type of Maine Coon that is relatively rare and likely to cost more is a black cat. Black Maine Coon cats, like most black cats of other breeds, may be either gender. Many are drawn to the black cat’s similarity to a panther.

Although these coat colors are relatively rare, they do not impact a cat’s quality as a pet. Maine Coon cats in these colors will typically have the same personality traits that cats of this breed in other colors have.

Do Spayed or Neutered Cats Have a Different Cost?

Maine Coon Hawaii estimates that most pet-quality kittens will cost less, around $800 or below. Why is this?

Pet-quality kittens are kept out of the breeding pool to help assure the maximum quality in the cats’ bloodlines. Purchasing a pet-quality kitten usually comes with a requirement for the cat to be spayed or neutered.

Some breeders are willing to include the altering in the price of the kitten. Owners can avoid the extra expense of altering the kitten at a later date. The breeders will also be able to skip dealing with litter registration issues.

A pet-quality Maine Coon will generally be as healthy as its show-quality counterparts. The primary difference will be that some of their traits would disqualify them from competing in cat shows.

Maine Coon kittens or mixes are also sometimes available through shelters or rescues. Adoption costs might range from $50 to $200 and include basic vetting costs. Rescuing a cat may give you a chance to save a life.

These Maine Coon cats will have the friendly temperament and loyalty that makes them such excellent pets. When you opt to get a pet-quality or rescue kitten, you won’t be sacrificing your potential for satisfaction.

What Are Some Annual Costs of Maine Coon Cats?

In most cases, the annual costs of vet care for Maine Coons are low once they have had their initial shots and been spayed or neutered. Annual vet costs average $200 to $300 for needed shots, a wellness exam, and bloodwork, if necessary.

Flea and tick preventative products are another expense to keep in mind. Many of these products average a little over $300 a year. Choosing natural products may bring this cost down.

Although most of these cats are healthy, some health conditions and medical emergencies can be very expensive, running into the hundreds or thousands. Paying $10 to $30 monthly for pet insurance can help in these circumstances.

The food that many Maine Coon cats do best with averages about $500 to $600 yearly. If you feed your cat a combination of wet and dey food, expect to pay more. Many of these cats do best on breed-specific or high-protein food.

Maine Coon Cats Can Be Pricey But Are Worth It

When you decide to open your home to a Maine Coon, you may pay more than you would for some other cats. However, these cats are such great family pets that they are worth the cost. You will usually be getting a healthy cat when getting a Maine Coon cat.

Consider whether you’re interested in a show, pet-quality, or rescue cat. Also, think about some of the expenses that are customary with these cats on a yearly basis. Knowing what you will pay ahead of time helps set you up for success with your cat.