Do Cats Need Beds

The average cat spends twelve to eighteen hours a day sleeping, and a good quality cat bed is the best place to do it! But do cats need beds?  While they are not a necessity, cat beds do serve a purpose by providing comfort, and personal space, and helping with temperature regulation.

 Cat beds are not on par with food and water bowls or litter boxes in terms of necessity, but they are not just a luxury either.

A comfortable cat bed:

  • Keeps your cat from sleeping on hard surfaces that can put pressure on aging joints.
  • Provides your cat with a safe space where they can decompress.
  • Helps to insulate your cat during cooler months but does not overheat them during the summer.

Do Cats Need a Bed to Sleep In?

As mentioned above, cats do not need beds, but they are beneficial.

Should You Buy Your Cat Their Own Bed?


When you have multiple cats in one household, each cat should have their own bed. Cats are not great sharers, and if you buy just one bed, you are setting yourself up for territorial aggression.

By giving each cat their own bed, you also ensure that they have personal space they can retreat to when feeling overwhelmed. Creating private areas like this goes a long way in keeping the peace in a multi-cat home!

If you are a single cat home, your cat will benefit from having their own quiet space too. Plus, you will get a much better night’s sleep when your cat snoozes in their bed at night rather than sharing yours!

Do Cats Like Cat Beds?

Asking if cats like cat beds are like asking if people like ice cream! Some do, some do not, and for others, it depends on the type.

Most cats will take to a cat bed, but you may have to try a few different styles of bed before you find one that works for your cat. We will take a look at the various cat bed styles in the next section.

What Kind of Cat Beds Do Cats Like?

Different cats prefer different types of cat beds. For example, cats that want privacy prefer cave-style beds that make them feel less vulnerable, whereas cats that like to cozy up on a warm pile of fresh laundry prefer heated cat beds.

There are many types of beds to choose from:

  • Covered cat beds (cave beds)
  • Cat pillow beds
  • Heated cat beds
  • Bolster cat beds
  • Donut cat beds
  • Cuddler cat beds
  • Cat snuggle sacks
  • Orthopedic cat beds
  • Calming cat beds
  • Cat window perch beds
  • Cat hammocks
  • Cat condos

Are Heated Cat Beds Safe?

There are two styles of heated cat beds – self-heating and heated.

Self-heating (also called self-warming) cat beds are exactly what they sound like – the bed has a layer of heat retaining material built into it. When a cat sleeps on a self-heating bed, the heat retaining material reflects their body heat back to them.

Heated cat beds use an external heating source like a battery pack or a plug that powers a heating pad.

Self-heating cat beds are safe because they do not have any components that pose a fire or overheating risk.

Heated cat beds, however, pose problems.

  • Heated cat beds pose a danger of death if your cat decides to chew on the wiring or if the electrical components malfunction.
  • A heated cat bed must have a non-heated section to ensure your cat does not overheat.
  • A heated cat bed does not always allow you to wash the whole bed.
  • Not all heated cat beds go through rigorous U.S. safety protocols or use UL-listed cords, making it more likely that the bed or the heater will malfunction.

What Are Calming Pet Beds?

A calming pet bed claims to be able to calm anxious pets. These beds work in a couple of ways:

  • By using a material that is soothing to the touch.
  • By recreating a feeling of safety.
  • By using aromatherapy principles.

The soothing pet bed uses soft materials to lull your cat to sleep by creating a cozy spot that feels good against their skin.

The bed that recreates a feeling of safety relies on a cat’s instincts to hide and creates a cave-like sleeping area where they can feel at ease.

The calming beds use aromatherapy principles. These beds have natural aromatherapy herbs shown to induce relaxation inside them.

Do Calming Cat Beds Work?

Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to this question because every situation is different.

Whether or not a calming cat bed will work for your cat depends on a couple of factors, including:

  • The type of calming cat bed – not all methods of calming work on every cat or every phobia.
  • The type of and extent of your cat’s phobia or anxiety – this type of product rarely quells severe separation anxiety.
  • Your willingness to follow the instructions provided with the bed – some products require that you follow a specific protocol to get the most benefit from them.

What is the Best Calming Bed For Cats?

The best calming bed for a cat is the one that best relieves their symptoms!

As we mentioned above, not all cats respond in the same way to different therapeutic approaches. So, the best calming cat bed for your cat is the one that best relieves their anxiety symptoms!

What Makes a Good Cat Bed?

A good cat bed is a bed that:

  • Supports your cat, keeping them off the floor and providing enough cushioning for their joints.
  • Is washable or has a washable cover that supports your cat’s hygiene.
  • Is water-resistant and easy to wipe clean to accommodate chronic lickers and smaller accidents.
  • Made from a comfortable, long-lasting material that will not cause overheating but that will provide enough warmth.
  • Caters to your cat’s needs (for example, if your cat needs a hideaway, a cave bed would meet their needs.)

Do Cats Prefer Round or Square Beds?

Some cats will sleep in just about anything, but in general, cats prefer round beds. This preference is because when cats sleep, they sleep curled in a ball, so around the bed is more snug and secure than a square bed!

Do Cats Like Hard or Soft Beds?

Cats appreciate a life of comfort which means they will almost always choose a soft bed over a hard one!

When choosing a soft bed, pay attention to the quality and quantity of the fill. A bed pillow should be supportive enough so that when your cat lays down, the fill will not spread to the sides and leave your cat without any support.

Do Cats Need Blankets?

No, cats do not need blankets, but they appreciate them!

Like beds, blankets are very much a personal choice for your feline! Individual cats have different preferences for the types of blankets they like!

Final Thoughts

Cat beds are not mandatory, but your cat will certainly thank you for giving them a small corner of your home where they can curl up in peace!

Just be sure that when you buy your cat’s bed, you buy a quality name-brand bed that has overwhelmingly positive feedback from pet parents like you!