how much do siberian cats cost

Siberian, sometimes called Siberian Russian Cats, is a breed growing in popularity. These cats are often considered hypoallergenic and have great personalities that make them excellent pets. Siberian Cats are also one of the healthier cat breeds out there.

How much do Siberian Cats cost? Purebred Siberians cost an average of $1100 to $1700, according to Siberian Cat World. Additional expenses include veterinary, grooming, food, and boarding.

This video shows how full of personality and smart Siberian Russians are. Read on to learn more about what to expect for costs if you decide to buy or adopt one of these cats.

How Much Does Buying a Siberian Cat Cost?

A purebred Siberian Cat from a reputable breeder will usually cost a minimum of $1100. This breed has been in high demand since being exported from the former Soviet Union, according to the Cat Fanciers’ Association.

One of the things to keep in mind is that breeders put a lot of money into raising litters of purebred kittens. Both parents will need to be in optimal health and come from quality pedigrees to ensure a healthy litter.

Many responsible breeders do genetic testing to eliminate the chances of cats that they breed having health conditions that could cause problems further down the road. Siberians usually have long lives, and breeders will try to ensure longevity.

Most breeders will make sure that any kittens they sell have received their initial vaccines before going to their new homes. The kittens will also usually start a high-quality diet during weaning. Breeder costs account for these expenses.

Although the costs might seem high, they are worth it to end up with healthy kittens. Deciding to bring a Siberian into your life is always a wise choice for your family. You will likely find the cost worth it for adding a fun new friend.

Can You Find Many Siberian Cats in Rescues?

Siberian Cats are not in rescues as much as other breeds. There is a demand for these cats because of their friendliness according to Nikki Schilling.

When given a choice, many owners prefer to adopt a cat in need of a human. Adoption costs are often much lower than buying from a breeder. The idea of giving a home to a cat most in need of one appeals to a lot of families.

Depending on whether the cat comes from a municipal pound, a non-profit shelter, or a foster-based rescue, your cat might be adopted out to you already thoroughly vetted. Many shelters or rescues include help covering vetting costs with the adoption fees.

You may find rescues that specialize in Siberian Cats and similar breeds. A breed-specific rescue usually has cats raised by fosters with experience raising that breed. Cats raised in foster settings are often used to other pets and maybe children.

Even if you don’t find Siberian Cats in local pounds or rescues them that easily, don’t give up. Some Siberians that end up in shelters or rescues are mistaken for other breeds with similar traits, such as Maine Coons or Norwegian Forest Cats.

The level of temperament testing may vary depending on the setting. Non-profit shelters and rescues usually have better resources for temperament tests. Temperament testing in pounds is usually minimal at best.

The costs for adopting a cat may differ based on whether they come from a pound or a non-profit rescue. Cats in pounds in many locations may have fees between $25 and $75. The cost of a cat from a rescue may run between $100 to $200.

Do Siberian Cats Have a Lot of Veterinary Costs?

According to Kimi Hall, Siberian Cats are one of the hardiest cat breeds available. The Russians bred these cats to be functional mousers with strong genes.

These cats, because of their strong genetic background, easily reach maximum lifespans of about twenty years. As with any cat, you will have veterinary costs. However, a cat breed known to be healthy will have fewer costs associated with chronic disease.

Annual costs for healthy Siberian Russian Cats will include routine vet visits for wellness exams, vaccinations, and bloodwork. The prices for these services vary by location. However, expect to pay about $50 to $150 yearly for annual exams.

If you choose not to breed your cat, spaying or neutering will prevent health problems, including cancer. This surgical procedure also keeps your cat from contributing to overpopulation. Altering costs about $60 to $150.

Many areas have a low-cost vaccine and spay/neuter clinics. Such resources make it easier to keep your cat healthy for life. Some veterinary practices also offer wellness plans that incorporate the vetting costs into monthly payments.

Another option worth looking into for reducing your veterinary costs is pet insurance. If your vet accepts insurance, you will not need to pay as many expenses out of pocket. One of these policies may save you a lot of money over time.

Will my Siberian Cat Require Professional Grooming?

Annie M. from ASPCA Pet Health Insurance estimates that these cats require brushing once or twice a week for most of the year. The coat is fluffy-looking, with a glossy texture.

This cat’s coat has three layers, originating in its Siberian heritage. The coat helps provide the extra protection that would have been necessary for this snowy part of Russia. In locations with cold winters, your cat will be pretty comfortable.

Your cat will molt at the end of winter and once during the summer, requiring daily brushing during these times. Because the layered coat provides insulation all year, shaving is not usually necessary unless done for medical reasons.

Teeth brushing, ear cleaning, and nail trimming should be done weekly. If you get your cat used to these at an early enough age, it will usually cooperate. Make sure you are always patient when doing any grooming.

If you have difficulty handling your cat long enough to perform these tasks, you may want to consider a professional groomer. Most groomers charge $50 to $100 per session. When using a groomer, these sessions will usually take place every few months.

Are Siberian Cats Expensive to Feed?

According to Sibirskiy Cattery, these cats have unique feeding needs.

Although not expensive to feed per see, these cats require better nutrition than many commercial foods offer. Their ideal food should include high-quality fortified proteins, as well as antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals.

Grain-free kibble can provide a lot of the nutrition your cat needs. This food should also include wet food or raw meat mixed in. The best meat for these cats includes ground chicken gizzards or beef hearts.

A high-quality food selection for your cat will average about $75 a month. The brands that you feed and your sources of choice for meat will influence much of the cost. You can feed your cat economically if you make the necessary price comparisons.

Siberian Cats Cost a Lot But Are Worth It

Acquiring a purebred Siberian Cat will be expensive, but a price worth paying for a cat that will be a faithful family companion. Acquiring a cat from a responsible breeder or rescue will increase the chances of your cat being healthy.

Veterinary costs for most of these cats are reasonable due to their good health. Although most do not require professional grooming, taking advantage of these options can help during winter and summer molting.

A high-quality diet that meets your cat’s needs will help keep it healthier. You may pay more than usual to acquire a Siberian Cat, but having one of these cats pays off with the experience that comes with owning one.

how much do siberian cats cost