Where to Go When On the Go: Five Fab Options for Travel-Ready Cat Litter Boxes

We live in a time of vast opportunity and abundance where more and more people are able to travel. Our styles of travel and goals for inclusion increasingly know no bounds.

Most of us aim to bring the whole family along, whether its members be of the two or the four-legged variety.

In the past, camping and hiking with dogs was a known thing, an obvious, timeless ritual going back centuries.

Contrarily, it was conservatively assumed that the family cat was independent, introverted, fussy, and/or simply didn’t want to get her paws dirty.

Instead, a sitter was arranged she was the average thus excluded from endeavors outside the home.

A lot of cats also simply find travel stressful. The constraining tight spaces of cat carriers provoke anxiety attacks.

The change in routine can be rattling. It’s difficult to tell sometimes who is more anxious about an impending trip to the vet, the cat or the human responsible for making it happen.

Luckily, our collective connection to our cats is deepening as human understanding of animal behavior and the intuitive connection is deepening.

For some human-feline pairs, that is a unique leading to greater possibilities for time spent together in and out of the home.

Across the board, feline guardians are curious about how to communicate to their furry friends that travel can be a fun, safe and exciting bonding experience.

This video presentation by animal behavioralist E’lise Christensen offers clear, concise guidance and step by step suggestions for how to communicate in ways your cat can understand and positively acclimate her to the world beyond the home.

The truth is that the spectrum of cat personalities is as grand as that of human dispositions. Some cats are extroverted, playful, sociable and just as eager to get out and pound the trails with their people as any dog.

The United States already boasts an army of animal-assisted therapy cats who faithfully offer unconditional love and healing throughout the nation’s hospitals, nursing homes and other places where people are in need of mental and emotional support.

Check out Instagram’s @campingwithcats for some inspiration for feline field days.

Do you have a cat who just seems to know how to soothe a soul? Some of our kitties are talented in the healing arts and remarkably suited to practice their skills outside the home.

If that sounds like yours, consider having him certified as a therapy cat with Pet Partners.

Take a look at Buzzfeed’s feature article showcasing several successful therapy cats.

Are you a city person? Is your cat too? Here are some tips for journeying urban style with your whiskered one, by the prolific specialists at Adventure Cats.

We are experiencing a wave of worldly traveling cats and working cats. Bring Your Pet to Work Day has expanded to Bring Your Cat Each and Every Day.

There are day trips, overnight trips, cross country trips, city trips and camping trips and our cats are right there with us for all of it!

On the other hand, we love all our cats. This includes all the “grumpy cats” of the world and the sensitive, shy or anxious ones who would simply just like to stay put and be the introverted, homebody souls that they are.

Alas, even for the most travel-resistant felines, sometimes there are trips to the vet, moving homes and other completely unavoidable incidents of travel that require inevitable preparation to ensure the comfort and ease of our cats and thus, ourselves.

An expansive, innovative product market is blossoming to match the demands of today’s cats on the go. You’ve got your comfortable cat carrier.

Now, what about the ideal travel litter box to meet your cat’s and your own needs simultaneously? Do you wish for a machine washable or hand washable box? Most of the travel options are going to be on the smaller side– how much does size matter?

Is your cat on the large side or is your smaller cat fussy about the size of his elimination space? Is the convenience of disposability tantamount?

Then there’s the environmental friendliness of such disposable options to consider, coupled with the issue of leaking with the biodegradable choices.

Heck, if space is not a problem, why not invest in a self-cleaning box to have one less chore to think about while on the road?

With the multitude of options available on Amazon.com, an expansive review of Amazon’s top five options is in order:

1. “Petsfit Portable Travel Cat Litter Pan”

Petsfit Portable Travel Cat Litter Pan Foldable

Check the prices for Petsfit Portable Travel Cat Litter Pan Foldable on Amazon

Featuring a unique, round shape and zip top, this model is by far the biggest space saver and most conveniently discreet. Ideal for the smaller cat who is nimble, neat and tidy about doing her business.

The company even boasts that this product has multiple uses, the other being a cozy bed for the cat, although we imagine that you’d want to choose between the bed or litter box use option upon purchasing and stick with that choice for the life of the product.


  • convenient machine or hand washable
  • environmentally friendly can be used again and again
  • outrageously compact and can be zipped closed for neatness
  • stylish and modern in appearance


  • soft, flimsy material, walls tend to cave in– realistically, you might need to put inside a bigger box to keep stray litter from escaping
  • not ideal for large cats or for cats that like to kick and move around in the box

2. “Pet Fit For Life Collapsible Portable Litter Box”

Pet Fit For Life Collapsible Portable Litter Box

Check the prices of the Pet Fit For Life Collapsible Portable Litter Box on Amazon

This is one of the roomiest collapsible portable litter box models on the market and even comes with a collapsible food and water dish.

The walls are actually a bit higher and stiffer than other similar products on the market to keep the litter where it belongs.

It allows for the comfort of medium to larger cats and the dynamics of cats who prefer their elimination efforts to be athletic events.


  • nylon material is durable and very easy to clean by hand or machine and can simply be wiped down with a paper towel and soapy water
  • higher, stiffer walls
  • strap for carrying and storing
  • bonus portable food and water dish
  • accommodates cats of most sizes and elimination styles
  • economical


  • materials appear durable but stitching and construction feels a bit lower in quality than other similar products
  • cannot be zipped or easily transported when containing litter

3. “Large Disposable Cat Litter Boxes by Easyology”

Large Disposable Cat Litter Boxes

Check the prices for the Easyology Large Disposable Cat Litter Boxes on Amazon

Completely biodegradable, these are the convenient, environmentally friendly ideal when combined with similarly earth-friendly litter.

They are sized for large cats feature sturdy, solid walls that stand strong against even the most active and acrobatic cat.


  • made from 100% recycled paper, these are an ethical purchase that you can feel good about
  • when filled with sand, can be used for up to 4 weeks
  • non-toxic to our precious furry friends
  • backed by Easyology’s 100% unconditional money back guarantee policy


  • bulky for car travel and will require an additional plastic bottom tray and cover for when not in use
  • possible leaking if used too often

4. “IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box”

IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box

For the purposes of travel based out of an SUV or other larger than the average vehicle, this litter box is a luxury and a miracle for both Princess Paws and all the meticulous neat freaks out there.

Featuring a unique top side entry, there is next to no chance of litter spilling out copiously or randomly into the car with every use.

Also, some cats like privacy in which to do their business. Travel can be stressful, and a moment alone, safe and protected in the box might be what really helps your cat acclimate and deal with the changes around him.


  • neat, clean and tidy; no litter spillage
  • A unique private enclosure that can calm an anxious kitty
  • strong, durable, easy to clean plastic surfaces
  • textured, non-slip roof gives cats the paw and claw traction for easy entrance and exit
  • included litter scoop and attached hook for hanging
  • comes in two sizes for all sized cats
  • round corners for easy cleaning


  • takes up more space than tray-style designs
  • a larger investment than tray-style designs

5. “Necoichi Portable Cat Litter Box”

Necoichi Portable Cat Litter Box

Check the prices for the Necoichi Portable Cat Litter Box on Amazon

One of the most widely 5-star reviewed travel litter boxes on Amazon, this product is top quality in construction, streamlined in design, and pleasing to the eye with its attractive, chic black and white gingham print.

You might want to check out all the other matching cat products by Necoichi that sport the same classic aesthetic. A compact model, it is ideal for smaller or medium cats. A large but tidy cat could also make this work.


  • modern and attractive look
  • solid materials and construction
  • hand washes quickly and easily
  • packs down to a tiny rectangle
  • extensive positive reviews on Amazon
  • seamless liner


  • sides might be a bit low and size might be a bit small for larger or active cats
  • no cover or zip to transport box containing litter

With the vast expanse of options on the market, you and your kitty are sure to find your traveling match!