Most pet owners can agree that it’s tempting to give a pet one of our favorite treats or snacks. Of course, it’s generally best for animals to eat food specifically intended for them, rather than human foods.

However, some human foods are completely safe for pets when given in small amounts.

Doritos are a delicious snack that many people enjoy. If you love Doritos and are tempted to give your cat a taste, you may want to evaluate the facts before you share your snack.

Can cats eat Doritos?

The simplest verdict is that although cats can eat Doritos, they probably should not eat them.

Many of the ingredients can result in an upset stomach for your cat, and a few of the ingredients can lead to other issues if your cat eats too many. 

If you’re still tempted to share with your cat, one or two Doritos occasionally will probably cause no harm. However, be sure not to make it a regular snack for your cat.

Additionally, you may want to consult your veterinarian with any concerns or questions regarding the safety of your cat eating Doritos, or what foods your cat cannot eat.

What ingredients does Doritos consist of?

No matter which flavor of Doritos you prefer, the basic ingredients are very similar. Melmagazine lists the ingredients included in Doritos – everything from the basic formula to the flavoring. 

Ground corn (also known as maize), salt, and vegetable oil are the three primary ingredients used to make the chips. 

The other ingredients involved depend on the specific flavoring. Nacho Cheese flavored Doritos include many ingredients such as cheddar cheese, maltodextrin, whey, romano cheese, onion powder, cornflour, citric acid, sugar, garlic powder, milk solids, and pepper powder.

The flavoring for the Cool Ranch Flavor is slightly different. There are a variety of ingredients included, such as tomato powder, cornstarch, lactose, whey, skim milk, onion powder, sugar, and garlic powder.

Although these are the main ingredients of the two most popular flavors, there are additional additives and food coloring that contribute to the delicious flavoring. 

What foods should cats never eat?

It’s typically common knowledge that cats are true carnivores. Their diets should usually consist of meat-based foods.

Any plant-based foods are impossible for them to digest, and can easily upset their digestive organs.

Some cats, however, tend to eat grass as a way of making themselves vomit to resolve a bothered stomach. 

Even though plant-based foods aren’t good for cats to consume, many cat foods can contain small amounts of plant-based products.

In addition to their sensitivity to plant-based foods, cats are generally lactose-intolerant. That may be shocking to some cat owners because cats have been known to enjoy a bit of milk now and then.

Unfortunately, milk is likely to upset your cat’s stomach, even if he or she likes it.

A cat’s stomach cannot process milk or other dairy products, which also includes cheese. Although cheese is a yummy treat to most pets, it can cause your cat to develop diarrhea.

WebMD explains how a cat’s digestive system is unable to handle dairy foods.

There are many foods that are generally unhealthy for a cat to consume, and this YouTube video discusses most foods that you should avoid feeding your cat.

Chocolate, coffee, onions, salt, and many more foods aren’t good for your cat to eat. Overall, it’s best to stick to feeding your cat high-quality cat food.

You may want to speak with your veterinarian about what foods are best to feed your cat.

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What ingredients in Doritos are harmful to cats?

Ground corn, one of the main ingredients of Doritos, is not technically harmful to cats. Many cat foods actually contain corn or corn products.

However, substantial amounts of corn can lead to digestive issues – just as any other plant-based food would.

Although the ground corn found in Doritos will not immediately harm your cat, it may cause diarrhea or vomiting.

Catological explains how corn products may affect your cat. 

Similar to ground corn, vegetable oil is another ingredient that your cat shouldn’t eat excessively.

Although no serious harm would occur if your cat eats something with a small amount of vegetable oil, it could lead to an upset stomach.

Salt, another main ingredient of Doritos, can be harmful to your cat in large amounts. As the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue explains, it can lead to extreme thirst and frequent urination.

In extreme occurrences, sodium ion poisoning is possible. Signs that your cat has ingested too much salt include vomiting, tremors, diarrhea, seizures, or high temperatures.

Small amounts of salt are unlikely to threaten your cat’s health, but frequent consumption is a bad idea. 

These main ingredients – although unhealthy for your cat in large quantities- are generally safe for your cat to consume in small amounts.

However, there are additional ingredients found in the chips’ flavoring that may also be dangerous to your cat.

Onion powder is found in essentially every type of Doritos. However, it is also something you should avoid feeding your cat.

As PetMD explains, all forms of onion can break down the red blood cells in your cat’s body. This can lead to anemia or onion poisoning. 

Although onion consumption may sound like a serious risk, small amounts of onion or onion powder are unlikely to cause harm to your cat – if eaten occasionally.

Be sure not to give your cats small amounts of onion regularly or any large amounts. 

Milk and cheese products are another common ingredient in Doritos. The Nacho Cheese flavor contains cheddar and romano cheese, while the Cool Ranch flavor includes skim milk.

Although these ingredients aren’t a real threat to your cat’s health, they can easily lead to an upset stomach if too much is eaten.

Overall, there are several ingredients in Doritos that may lead to digestive issues for your cat. Additionally, salt or onion powder can lead to other complications if your cat consumes a large amount.

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