Traveling With Cats

cat sedative for travel

Everything You Need To Know About Cat Sedatives For Travel

What Are Cat Sedatives? According to Wikihow, cat sedatives can help your cat sleep and/or keep your feline friend calm during a long car ride. Using a cat sedative is often a highly effective way to keep your cat calm while traveling. How effective is a sedative when you’re traveling? Sedatives […]

How to Take Peaceable Road Trips with Your Kitties

If your cats are like most, they’re not too jazzed about car rides. Since felines prefer routine over change, long-distance trips are least appealing. Still, with thoughtful prep and the right travel gear, your cats should warm up to lengthy drives. With experience, your pets will be so agreeable that […]

How to Make Car Rides Easier for Cats

Riding in Cars with Cats Whether you (or them, for that matter) like it or not, someday it may be necessary to take your kitty for a car ride. Maybe you need to take them to the vet, maybe you are taking a trip and have no cat-sitter, maybe you’re […]

Travel Destinations For Cat Lovers

What Destinations Would Cat Lovers Enjoy Most

You’re going on vacation – but your cat absolutely hates to travel. She gets carsick and spends the entire car ride yowling. Taking Fluffy with you is thus not an option. What you can do instead is choose a destination with a lot of cats. In fact, the cats are […]