Traveling With Cats

moving cats to new home

How to Survive Moving with Your Cat

Moving is stressful enough. Add in your cat, and you might find yourself with a finicky feline that looks like your pet but doesn’t act like it due to stress and confusion. While we can’t guarantee a stress-free relocation for you or your kitty, we can provide you curated expert […]

Can I Take My Disabled Cat With Me On Vacation?

“Can you travel with a disabled cat?”  The answer depends on your cat’s disability, age, and temperament. In some ways, traveling with a disabled cat is no different than traveling with any other cat. For instance, you will still have to look for pet-friendly hotels, and you will still have […]

Should I cover the cat carrier when traveling

How Do I Keep My Cat From Freaking Out When Traveling?

Cats typically hate travel, and they hate cat carriers. Nobody enjoys a car ride with a yowling cat in the back seat. It’s even less fun if Fluffy gets so upset that she throws up or wets herself. Simply avoiding the problem isn’t a realistic solution. At the very least, […]