Traveling With Cats

Cattery VS Cat Sitter

Where Will Your Cat Play When You Are Away?

Our cats are more than just pets; they are family members and our special companions. School, work, and even a social life will cause separation between you and your favorite feline. What can you do when family, friends, or neighbors aren’t an option for babysitting your cat? One solution may […]

Cat Travel Documents

What Documents Do You Need When Flying With Your Cat?

Cats, planes, and paperwork, oh my! If you intend to take to the skies with your cat, you may wonder what documentation is required and where to get the necessary paper trail started. A wealth of information and guidance is available. The trick to a successful jaunt is to consult and […]

Camping with cats

Camping With Your Cats–Pawsitively Fun

While we may not see it as obviously today, our house-cats are direct descendants of majestic large cats–although it is difficult to see this when cleaning hairballs out of your sink for the third time this week. Our cats may be domesticated, but they are still wild, in a sense, […]

flying with a cat

The Beginner’s Guide to Fly with Your Cat

Grand champion Heatwave Man With a Mission Distinguished Merit flew to Holland where he won the best cat in The International Cat Association shows. He came back to the United States through the Atlanta airport where a friend picked him up and drove him to the Chattanooga Cat Fancy Association show. He won […]

how to calm a cat in a car when traveling

How to Keep Your Cat Calm During Car Rides

Why don’t cats like cars?  If you’ve ever tried coaxing your cat into the car for a drive to the vet, it’s a safe bet that you noticed Fluffy’s aversion to road trips. Unlike their canine counterparts, most cats simply dislike traveling in cars. According to, there are several reasons, […]