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Nervous Cat? No Problem!

Traveling with a nervous cat can certainly be a battle. When cats feel nervous or uncomfortable, they are often susceptible to bathroom accidents.

Therefore, you will want to ensure that you have a cat carrier large enough to contain your kitty and a litter box.

What Characteristics Cause Nervousness in Cats?

According to Pets Life, cats typically become nervous when they are claustrophobic. While they want to feel safe, they also are not fans of tight, restricted places.

Some cats may feel unsettled simply because their carrier is uncomfortable. An additional reason revolves around the fact that cats do not like to relinquish control.

What Types of Features Should You Search for in Cat Carriers?

According to the Pet Carrier Verdict, the following features are crucial to search for when you purchase a cat carrier:

  • Size
  • Expandable
  • Visibility
  • Top Loading

Regarding size, you typically want to select a carrier about one and a half times their size. Carriers that are too large also increase their stress and nervousness.

Additionally, expandable carriers efficiently and easily provide more space but are easier to travel with.

Because nervous cats do not appreciate confinement, you will want to purchase a carrier that allows your cat to openly see you.

Seeing you will certainly provide comfort and ease their nerves. Air can also seep through these holes of visibility, making the traveling homier for your cat.

Lastly, top loading is an important feature to consider. Due to cats’ dislike of lack of control and refinement, they typically despise being pushed into a crate.

Therefore, top loading allows you to simply and comfortably place your cat inside the carrier.

Get Your Cat to Love His Carrier!

According to PetHub, it is crucial to familiarize your cat with his carrier before traveling.

Make the carrier homey and comfortable by placing bedding or a fluffy towel at the bottom of the carrier.

Keep the door open and place food on the carrier for three to four weeks prior to your trip.

How Do You Reduce Your Cat’s Stress When Traveling?

Dr. Ruth MacPete provides tips on how to reduce your cat’s nervousness. Preparation is a crucial key to prevent excessive anxiety. She suggests:

  • Secure your cat in your car
  • Get your cat acclimated to his carrier prior to the trip
  • Take short car rides first

Ensure that your cat is secure in your car and in his carrier. Without the feeling of safety, your cat will develop anxiety and endure a horrific trip.

As mentioned previously, acclimating your cat to his carrier will allow him to grow comfortable around and inside of it.

Veterinary assistants for MSPCA Angell offer a video as a guide on how to comfortably accustom your cat to his carrier, which is crucial for a comfortable trip.

Start by simply sitting in the car with your cat for a few minutes. Then, start driving short distances with your cat.

Afterward, always reward him with a treat so that he will correlate traveling with positive experiences. Overall, this will reduce your cat’s anxiety and stress during trips.

What is the Best Travel Cat Carrier With Litter Box?

When selecting a carrier, you will want to purchase one large enough to fit a litter box inside in case of potential accidents.

The best-selling cat carriers for nervous cats are listed below:

  • Necoichi Portable Cat Cage
  • Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carriers
  • Catit Carrier
  • PetFit for Life Collapsible/Portable Cat Condo
  • PetLuv Cat Carrier

What Features Does the Necoichi Portable Cat Cage Offer?

Necoichi Portable Cat Cage

The Necoichi Portable Cat Cage provides several of amenities that are beneficial for a nervous cat.

The pros of this cat carrier are as follows:

  • Litter box (sold separately)
  • Pop-open
  • Collapsible
  • Mesh windows
  • Waterproof Liner
  • Great reviews

This cat carrier is wide enough to contain a litter box and two cats, making for a comfortable and easy trip. You can find the separate litter box sold here.

The pop-open and collapsible features are efficient features for a cat carrier. They provide optimum access and transportation. Additionally, the collapsible feature serves in regards to easy storage.

The mesh windows provide visibility for your cat’s comfort and prime ventilation.

In case of accidents, the waterproof liner ensures easy cleaning. However, if your cat is litter box trained, the litter box inside the carrier would likely prevent these bathroom accidents.

Lastly, the reviews on the Necoichi Portable Cat Cage are mainly positive overall. People observe more pros than cons regarding this carrier.

However, every product has its cons. This cat carrier’s cons are as follows:

  • Flimsy
  • Not sturdy
  • Escapable

Unfortunately, this cat carrier can be a bit on the flimsy side. Since it is not as sturdy as some other carriers, stubborn cats can potentially escape.

If they push against the zippers, they might be able to open the carrier and escape. Cats can also scratch through the windows.

Folding back the carrier might also be a challenge, but that factor has little significance regarding your cat’s nerves.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Sherpa Deluxe Cat Carriers?

Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carriers

The Sherpa Deluxe Cat Carriers also offers a variety of beneficial assets for your nervous cat, making your trip perfectly comfortable for him.

The advantages of this carrier are:

  • Not collapsible, but conformable
  • Different Sizes
  • Optimal space
  • Mesh windows
  • Approves requirements for all types of travel
  • Rear pocket
  • Washable Liner
  • Positive reviews

While the carrier is not entirely collapsible, it can be conformed to under seat requirements and for more appropriate storage.

This carrier is available in small, medium, and large sizes. According to CatsPatrol, size is one of the most crucial factors regarding your carrier purchase and your cat’s ease.

The website recommends that you measure your cat’s length and height. Do not simply rely on weight when purchasing a cat carrier.

While a litter box is not included with the purchase, this carrier does offer enough space for you to include one.

The mesh windows provide easy visibility and proper ventilation for your cat.

Whether you are traveling in your car or on an airline flight, Sherpa’s carrier meets all the requirements necessary!

The rear pocket provides an extra compartment for storage of treats, leashes, toys, etc.

While the liner of this carrier is not waterproof, it is easily washable.

Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carriers provides satisfactory reviews. Utilization of this carrier has been overall successful for consumers.

The disadvantages of this carrier are:

  • Fragile mesh windows
  • Flimsy

The fragile mesh windows potentially allow your cat to scratch holes through them. This might cause the material to be more flimsy and unreliable.

What is the Deal with the Catit Carrier?

Catit Design Cabrio Multi-Functional Carrier System

Catit Carrier includes an abundance of benefits for traveling with your cat.

The pros include the following:

  • Top loading
  • Large enough to store a litter box
  • Suitable for cats up to twenty-five pounds
  • Sturdy
  • Satisfactory reviews

The top loading feature allows you to easily place your cat inside without having to force him.

While the carrier does not include a litter box, it is large enough to store one in addition to your cat.

Although you do not necessarily want to base sizing on weight, this crate can suit a cat up to twenty-five pounds, which includes basically all cats.

Due to the hard casing, this cage is much more sturdy than the collapsible carriers. Additionally, it is near, if not, impossible for your cat to chew through, providing efficient security and safety.

Overall reviews are significantly complimentary of this carrier.

What are the cons?

  • Not collapsible
  • Does not meet airline requirements

Since the carrier isn’t collapsible, storage is more of a challenge. However, the size isn’t overbearingly large.

If you are planning to bring your kitty with you on your flight, this might not be the carrier for you. This crate snaps shut, while airlines require that cages be screwed or bolted.

What are the Pros and Cons of PetFit for Life Collapsible/Portable Cat Condo?

Pet Fit For Life EXTRA LARGE

The PetFit for Life Collapsible/Portable Cat Condo additionally includes several advantages for nervous cats.

The pros include:

  • Includes litter box
  • Includes food/water bowl
  • Collapsible
  • Durable
  • Extra large
  • Proper ventilation
  • Great reviews

Unlike any other cat condos, this carrier includes several bonuses. Along with the cat carrier, you receive a portable litter box, food or water bowl, and even a cat toy!

This carrier is also collapsible for easy storage.

Its nylon fabric and flexible steel frame make for a durable composition.

Because of its extra large size, it can fit all of its amenities along with two full grown cats!

The condo offers two windows and screens for proper ventilation.

The cons:

  • Flimsy
  • Stitching isn’t as sturdy

A theme with collapsible carriers is flimsiness. Cats tend to lean to one side of the carrier rather than remaining in one place. The stitching of the screens IS not as sturdy either, permitting easy tear.

What are the Important Details of the PetLuv Cat Carrier?

PetLuv Soothing Happy Cat

Lastly, the PetLuv Cat Carrier promotes satisfactory features for comfortable traveling.

The pros are:

  • Different Sizes
  • Sufficient space
  • Collapsible
  • Plush sleep pillow
  • Ventilated locking mesh doors
  • Very positive reviews

This carrier is available in small and medium-large sizes. With its sufficient space, it can hold up to two or three cats totaling forty-five pounds.

In addition to extravagant sizing, it also is collapsible.

Along with the crate, you will receive a comfortable, plush sleep pillow to aid in your cat’s homey comfort.

The ventilated locking mesh doors not only provide an efficient circulation of air, but it also provides optimum security.

Lastly, the reviews are mainly positive. People faced few challenges using this carrier, implying that the cat had an enjoyable trip.

The cons include the following aspect:

  • Not tear-resistant

If your cat is not declawed, this might not be the best purchase for you. Cats easily can tear through the carrier and escape.


The Choice is Yours!

With your cat’s personality, anxiety, and needs in mind, hopefully, you can select the best carrier for your nervous cat.

Ensure that the carrier is large enough to hold a litter box in case of accidents and that it incorporates visibility, ventilation, and sufficient space.

With these factors in mind, you can choose the best carrier for your furry friend!

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