Affectionate Cat Breeds

Most Affectionate Cat Breeds

Cats bring us so much joy and love. They can be as entertaining as they are affectionate, and while some breeds are friendlier than others, every cat has its own unique personality.

It is true that you will develop a strong bond raising your furry friend from a kitten, but you will also need to devote more time to their learning how to use the litter box and how not to tear up the furniture.

Indoor cats tend to prefer their human companions more than outdoor cats, but this does not preclude bonding or an innate sense of belonging to you.

While it is not always easy to determine a cat’s temperament at the point that you are simply judging them by what you see, a little knowledge of the more affectionate cat breeds will assure you something of what you are looking for.

Would you prefer a cat that will provide you with hours of entertainment and interaction? Maybe you are you more inclined toward a lap cat who will sit and chill with you.

Unless you have had the opportunity to experience the temperament and behavior of numerous cat breeds, you may not be aware of the ones that are the most affectionate.

Fortunately for cat lovers, there are many breeds that are super loving and do not hesitate to show it to their human companions. What follows will help to reveal those that are the most affectionate cat breeds and describe what makes them so.

Defining the Most Affectionate Cat Breeds for Your Benefit

Selective breeding has given us both dogs and cats that present a unique personality and appearance for their breed. Although dogs are more frequently chosen specifically because of their breeding, cats are less often chosen for their traits or characteristics.

Nevertheless, you will see why the following cat breeds are well worth consideration when you are seeking an affectionate pet to join your household.


The Ragdoll Tops the List of Most Affectionate Cat Breed

Cartoonist Charles Schultz depicted it correctly when he drew Frieda in her naturally curly hair holding Faron, her Ragdoll cat, draped over her arms as if it had no bones.

According to PawCulture, the Ragdoll cat got its name due to the strange way they simply go limp in your arms as soon as you pick them up. How lovely is that?

The Ragdoll was intensively bred to produce this relaxed disposition making them sweet-tempered, polite, personable and possessing a strong desire for human affection.

Their coat is medium to long hair requiring less work for their human than a Persian. Like the Himalayan, they have color points and a round face, but they can get up to 20 pounds in weight.

Typically more intrigued by humans than other cats, they are enthralled by toddlers and even enjoy being dressed up in doll clothes and doted on.

They tend to follow their humans around, come when called and play fetch, which is why they are also referred to as “PuppyCats.”

The fortunate owners of Ragdoll cats enjoy the merry sound of their voice that is more like a chirp than a meow telling them how much they love being a part of the family.

siamese cat

The Siamese Cat Loves to Be Wherever You Are

Legendary in appearance, the Siamese cat is one that has been bred for its long, fine features. In contrast to the affable Ragdoll, the Siamese wants to be the center of attention. They are very gregarious and very talkative.

They are apt to greet you at the door, willing to tell all about their day and monopolizing your time and attention. VetStreet calls them “smart, socially demanding and endlessly curious.” Don’t be surprised to find your Siamese cat knows how to turn on the water faucet or open doors by their handles.

It is suggested that Siamese cat owners stock a decent supply of puzzles and other toys to keep them busy and to make the night more peaceful.

They are extremely affectionate with the entire family and show an immense degree of patience with children. While they enjoy a long stretch of quiet time alone, they will give you their all when you walk through the door showing a fierce devotion to their humans.

Persian cat

Wouldn’t You Love to Be as Spoiled as the Persian?

The Persian is one cat that knows how to strike a pose and may likely have you taking advantage of the photo op. With their characteristic long-haired coat, round eyes and pushed in face, the Persian is gentle and quiet and somewhat psychic toward your needs if you have had a bad day.

For the calm family, this relaxed breed is a purrfect match. The Persian will take considerable time grooming and preening seeming to take great pride in their appearance. If you enjoy grooming your cat, then the two of you will get along just fine.

The classic feature of the flattened nose is called brachycephaly and may predispose them to respiratory problems as they age.

It will often call for you to keep the area around the eyes clean, something that is also typical of a purebred animal. Between the captivating looks and sweet expression, the Persian remains near the top of the favorite list worldwide.

Scottish Fold cat

The Scottish Fold is as Snugly as a Plush Toy

Known for its adorable looks and oddly capable of very human-like poses, the Scottish Fold is famous for their ears that fold forward and down, although they may also have upright ears. Sweet in looks, they are just as sweet in disposition being friendly, kind and easily adaptable to your lifestyle.

They love to receive your loving strokes and affection. The Sottish Fold is also accepting of other pets and people, willing even to play with the kids.

Through thousands of years of domestication, they are very mellow, very docile, and would love nothing more than to spend all day looking up at you through those big, round eyes from the comfort of your lap.

According to Cheryl Hogan of The International Cat Association (TICA), the Scottish Fold is such a mellow cat that “many will even let kids dress them up in doll clothes.”

Without pestering you, they will show you that they only want to be with you following you from room to room, eager to enjoy being near you.

Maine Coon cat

The Maine Coon is Dog-Like in Personality and Size

The purebred Maine Coon is really something to see with a striking appearance and formidable size. It is possible no one has had the nerve tell the Maine Coon they are not human to let alone a dog, yet they possess the same qualities of companionship, both in giving and receiving. They will also choose one family member with whom they develop a special bond.

The Maine Coon will follow you around the yard not just to keep an eye on you, but also to make sure you do not leave their company. They defy the cat stereotype in their affinity for water and bathing. They will even deposit their toys in the water bowl.

Extremely sociable, they get along with the whole family including children as well as other pets. They seem unassuming growing up as sweet kittens but be prepared. They just keep growing and growing. Nicknamed gentle giants because they can get as long as 48 inches, you can get a better idea of their magnificence in this YouTube video.

The Sphynx Cat is Not a Myth

Mischievous, playful and hairless, the Sphynx cat still exists. Not actually hairless, the Sphynx gets your attention because their very fine fuzz gives them a suede-like coat that does make them look naked.

This is also part of their affectionate charm as they crave their humans to stay warm. According to Dr. Becker of Healthy Pets, they are likely to have a paw extended just so they can be sure to touch you.

They have a truly exotic appearance with very large ears, lemon-shaped eyes, rounded bellies, and wrinkled faces. They do require special care to maintain their skin as they are prone to both heat and cold. They are strictly indoor cats that need your special care, which means you either love them or hate them.

Only the true devotee of this breed is attracted to them even though the Sphynx is attracted to humans and other animals in general.

They are sweet, outgoing and full of energy. While they look crinkly and wizened like Yoda, they are very playful and whimsical making them cuddly and easily adored.

Manx Cat

The Manx Cat is Missing a Tail

The Manx hails from the Isle of Man and is most distinguishable by the absence of a tail! This friendly and affectionate breed has a solid body, rounded head, and eyes and hind legs that are a bit longer than the front legs.

Their coat may be of many colors and patterns including the calico, tortoiseshell, and tabby. While the Manx if short-haired, there is a long-haired variety that is called the Cymric.

This is a gentle, playful breed that enjoys playing fetch and may just carry his toys around with him. He is rather smart, and you may find your Manx is able to get into your cabinets due to their unusual dexterity. Family friendly, the Manx may also focus on one member of the family to devote all his love and attention.

According to VetStreet, the Manx is an excellent jumper having a powerful back-end despite not having a tail as a counterweight.

This little guy can speed around the house performing the kind of maneuvers you would expect from a sports car. As an indoor cat, you can help your Manx avoid both the diseases and attacks that come from other animals.

Burmese Cat

Prepare to Be in Awe of Your Burmese Cat

The Burmese are a characteristic chocolatey-brown lump of soft love. Intelligent, expressive and known for their distinctive voice, be prepared. That long and loud call just may be the only warning you get before he has leaped from the ground right into your arms, so be ready to catch.

Often confused for a Siamese cat, the Burmese is brown with dark points and a beautiful study of poise and grace. They are curious and strong, so if you were to build them some elaborate stairs going up a wall or a cat lair that has many layers, you just might keep them entertained. However, they prefer to hang out with their human.

The Burmese are an excellent candidate for a therapy cat. They like to zero in on you and grab your attention. They even enjoy sleeping right next to you, even in the covers until the both of you get too warm. If you plan on leaving your Burmese alone for any length of time on a regular basis, you might arrange to have a companion animal for the company.

Cats are More Affectionate than Most People Think They Might Be

It just may seem that cats do not share similar traits simply because they are diverse in their personalities as any of us are. While dogs display unending devotion, cats have moments of independence when it seems as though they are not interested or affectionate.

However, given the small sampling of the list of affectionate cats displayed here, it is easy to recognize that there are some breeds that outdo each other in the love department.

Yes, you have enough evidence with cats that they are mysterious, even paradoxical, but that only adds to the fascination of experiencing life with your cat.

Cats not only care deeply for your company, they crave your presence and mourn your absence when you are gone, though they might not let you know once you have returned.

If you are intrigued by these profiles enough to want to explore adding one of these affectionate breeds of cat to your family, perhaps it is time to visit your local purebred rescue, shelter or other organization that helps find homes for these very loving creatures.