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How much does a Siamese cat cost? Are Siamese Cats Expensive?

The answer about siamese cat price depends on several factors, such as the cat’s age and bloodlines. It also depends on whether you simply want a pet cat or a show cat; the latter is significantly more expensive.

According to the staff writer for the website “How Much Is It,” a Siamese cat usually costs between $100 and $600.

The cost of a Siamese typically covers vaccinations, health certificate, pedigree certificate, and registration.

Some breeders may also include microchipping, a starter kit of supplies, or spaying/neutering.

How do you find a breeder?

If there is a cat show in your area, you can go there and talk to the breeders showing their cats.

Unless they are preparing their cats to be judged or taking them to the judging ring, most breeders will happily talk about their cats and answer questions. Some may have kittens for sale.

Alternatively, you can visit the websites of cat registries like The International Cat Association (TICA) or the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA).

A cat registry, for the record, is an organization that registers cats in order to track their genealogies (pedigrees) and organizes shows.

Breeders that register their cats with a registry need to abide by a code of ethics that requires the breeder to help educate clients about their cats and keep the cats in good health.

Breeders usually sell kittens, but they will occasionally have retired show cats available. These cats are young adults that can keep their new owner company for years.

PetMD offers advice on finding a trustworthy breeder. They suggest talking to veterinarians or friends who own Siamese cats, for they will know who the good breeders are – and who should be avoided.

PetMD also advises looking for reviews about a given breeder online, for many people will post about their experiences with breeders.

It’s also a good idea to visit a breeder to see how they treat their cats. The breeder should be willing to answer your questions, give you a tour, and show you their cats.

A good breeder will have nothing to hide. They will keep the cats in a clean and safe environment.

A good breeder will follow the recommended vaccination schedule for their kittens. Typically, kittens start getting vaccinated around the same time they are weaned, so they should have had many of their shots by the time they are adopted out.

A good breeder will have records of the kitten’s inoculations and veterinary visits. They will encourage a prospective owner to take a kitten to their own vet for a health check.

A good breeder will interview the client to make sure they can provide a cat with a good home.

They will not adopt out kittens until they are at least ten weeks old, and many will keep their kittens with their mother until they are twelve weeks old or even older.

Do you always have to go to a breeder?

Not if you just want a pet cat. Siamese cats are quite common, and there are a number of rescue groups that specialize in either pedigreed cats or Siamese cats.

They do have certain rules and requirements prospective adopters have to meet in order to get a cat.

For example, Siamese Cat Rescue Center, which is located in Virginia, forbids declawing and requires owners to keep their cats indoors.

Applicants pay a $10 fee, and the adoption process can take a while because the Center wants to make very certain that a given cat will be a good match for their new owner.

They thus include a lot of information about their cats, such as which ones don’t like dogs or kids. Senior cats who are over ten years old cost $50, while younger cats may cost up to $125.

Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue, which operates in the Midwest, works with cats whose owners could no longer keep them or that have even been abandoned. They charge between $100 and $400 for common breeds like the Siamese.

Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue, which is located in California, specializes in pedigreed and special needs cats. Unless noted otherwise, they charge $175.00 for a cat.

You can also sometimes find Siamese cats or kittens at your local animal shelter. They may or may not be pedigreed cats, however.

Why do breeders or rescue groups like to adopt out Siamese in pairs?

Siamese cats are among the more social and energetic of the domestic cats. The Vetstreet breed description characterizes these cats as smart, dog-like, and demanding.

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They like attention from their owner, and if they don’t get it, they will try to make their own fun by opening cabinets, climbing the bookshelf or drapes, turning on faucets, and so on. A bored Siamese can often become destructive in her quest for entertainment.

Siamese cats are also notoriously vocal. They have a lot of opinions and are known for their loud, yowling cries. A bored or unhappy Siamese will let you know her displeasure.

In the following video, a breeder of Siamese cats describes their personality traits:

Unfortunately, most cat owners have jobs and families that require their attention. A simple way to keep a Siamese happy and out of trouble is to make sure she has a friend.

Siamese Cat Rescue Center has an adoption policy that requires people to adopt two kittens, have a young cat that will play with the kitten, or have somebody who will stay home all day and keep the kitten entertained and out of trouble.

Siamese kittens are particularly lively and curious and will get into everything if left to their own devices. They need playmates.

Dr. Zazie Todd, a writer for “Companion Animal Psychology,” describes some of the other benefits of getting a pair of kittens. Two kittens can teach each other proper cat behavior and communication.

They can play together, and play is both beneficial and important to a kitten or a cat. Play helps a cat stay fit and develop both motor and social skills.

Two kittens will happily play together and continue playing with each other even after they reach adulthood.

A staff writer for “Team Cat Rescue” notes that two kittens that have each other as playmates are less likely to develop behavior problems that stem from boredom or a desire for attention.

Kittens that can play with each other will be less likely to annoy their humans with demands for attention. If they wear each other out playing, they will be less likely to wake you in the wee hours of the morning.

Finally, having two kittens is simply fun. You can enjoy watching their antics. You can take pictures of them when they cuddle together or groom each other.

How much does it cost to take care of a Siamese?

According to Caroline Haines, the writer of the blog “Life with Siamese Cats,” the costs of caring for a Siamese fall into two categories: one-offs and recurring costs.

One-offs include many of the supplies needed to care for a cat and thus include the following:

Unless you need to replace something, you will only need to buy these items once during your cat’s lifetime.

Recurring costs include food, litter, veterinary care, and pet insurance.

What is pet insurance? describes pet insurance as medical insurance for pets?

It thus covers a variety of medical needs like X-rays, laboratory work, emergency care, hospitalization, and prescription medications. It can also cover “wellness plans” that provide preventive health care like vaccinations and annual exams.

The exact cost of pet insurance will depend on the cat’s age, breed, and where it lives. Breed matters, for different breeds, are vulnerable to different health problems.

Siamese cats are susceptible to dental problems, cataracts, and some types of cancer. includes sample quotes for a three-year-old Siamese living in the following cities:

  • Houston: $20 per month
  • New York City: $27 per month
  • Sacramento: $24 per month

Pet insurance companies to exclude pre-existing conditions, so it’s a good idea to enroll a cat while it is young and healthy.