Outdoor Cat Tents: Safe Stimulation

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Best Cat Tents for Outside 

If you’ve ever owned a cat, chances are that you have experienced the stress of letting your cat outside. Or perhaps you simply chose to keep your feline indoors to bypass all of the potential dangers. Regardless of the type of cat you own, keeping them properly stimulated is key.

But, is there a way to stimulate a cat outdoors without all of the risks involved?

You may be surprised to find out that there is! Instead of watching your cat longingly look out the window, buy them an outdoor cat tent.

What Is an Outdoor Cat Tent?

Most cat owners haven’t heard of such a device. As the name suggests, an outdoor cat tent is an enclosed area where your cat can experience the outdoors while remaining safe. In other words, it lets them be an outdoor adventurer without being put in danger.

What Are the Benefits of Placing My Cat in a Cat Tent?

Catherine Hess of the Humane Society of the United States and Perfect Fit both agree that letting your cat outdoors can be advantageous.

Exercise: Depending on the size of the enclosure, your cat will be able to walk around inside of the cat tent.

Stimulates the Senses: One of the biggest benefits that your cat can receive from a cat tent is being able to experience the different sights and smells outside the home.

Change of Scenery: The demise of the indoor cat is that it will often become boring. The outdoors adds an element of new without all of the stress.

Reduces Anxiety: Being cooped up inside can make for a stressed-out individual. By going outside, your cat can “smell the daisies”.

Why Not Let My Feline Outside Without Using a Cat Tent?

Many cat owners are on the fence when deciding to simply let their cats outside without the use of a cat enclosure or tent.

American Humane discusses a few of the safety concerns that support the use of a cat tent.

Predators: Exposing your cat to the outdoors while not properly enclosed may increase their chances of coming face to face with a wild animal. Raccoons and foxes have been among the most common perpetrators.

Hazardous Substances: It might be nice for your cat to explore the fields behind your house, though there are many toxins and poisons that your cat is not used to. Rodenticide and pesticide is also another consideration.

Hecklers: It’s unfortunate, but cats have been subjected to the animal abuse imposed by the bored neighborhood kids. Not everyone enjoys the sight of a cat lurking around his or her neighborhood.

Vehicles: When you let your cat venture outside, you don’t know how close they get to roadways. Using a cat tent can keep them safe from getting run over.

What Should I Look for in a Cat Tent?

With all of the dangerous possibilities that an outdoor cat is exposed to, cat tents are a safer option. Before going out and buying this enclosure for your feline, make sure that it is up to par.

Taking the time to buy a high-quality cat tent will keep them from escaping and getting into trouble.

Use the following criteria to find a long-lasting cat tent that will keep your pet safe and contained.

Size: Depending on the area in which you want to install your cat tent, you might need a larger enclosure. Those who simply want a place for their pets to relax prefer smaller options. These tents can be large enough to walk around and explore.

Breathability: The material used to make these products is critical. Make sure that your cat is able to breathe with the proper meshing.

Durability: As with any product, it is always best to spend a little more money on a durable item. With a cat tent, this becomes even more important. The durability will determine how safe your cat will be when experiencing the outdoors.

Portable: Although not the most important factor, you may want a cat tent that you can easily carry.

Construction: Some cat tents are easier to set up more so than others. To save yourself the hassle, look at the over set up time involved.

Without further ado, here are our top 3 contenders for outdoor cat tents.

1. Nala and Company Cat House Outdoor Pet Enclosure

This cat tent is more portable with a total weight of about a pound. It is on the smaller end, measuring 45” by 23” with a fully enclosed mesh material. One aspect that we like about this tent is that it is easy to set up with a pop-out mechanism.

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  • A convenient size for a short period of time spent outdoors.
  • The mesh and PVC make this product durable and breathable.
  • The setup time is minimal as it simply pops out into place.


  • This cat tent is easy to flip over due to its lightweight nature.
  • Made to be smaller, cats don’t get much exercise.

2. Outback Jack Happy Habitat Cat Tent

Among our top contenders, this cat enclosure is well-liked for its 360-degree mesh covering for a better experience.

This tent is lightweight, portable and easy to set up with the addition of tent pegs. There are about 30 square feet of space for a feline to frolic.

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  • This tent allows your cat to roam around while being stimulated by the outdoors.
  • The construction of the tent is high quality as tent pegs securely fasten it to the ground.
  • Taking this cat tent down is just as easy with a foldable frame.


  • With a larger surface area, some owners have had trouble removing their cat from the tent when needing to be brought inside.

3. Outback Jack Kitty Compound Play House

We chose this tent for its addition of a cat tunnel in addition to the 30 square feet of play space. As with the Happy Habitat Cat Tent, this enclosure is fastened to the ground by pegs. The mesh material is located on every side so that your feline won’t become overheated.

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  • This product comes with a traveling bag for both the tent and cat run.
  • The 5-foot tunnel extends the amount of room for your cat while staying in a safe habitat.
  • The manufacturers of this cat tent have designed it to be able to connect to another enclosure for two tents and a cat run.


  • The mesh along the bottom of the tent can be difficult for a cat to become used to at first.

How Do I Set up My Cat Tent?

Even if your enclosure contains tent pegs, it is relatively easy to set up. Cat Camp Support is a great resource when first learning how to get your cat tent ready to go.

How Can I Stimulate My Cat Indoors Between Tent Sessions?

It is our job as the owner to make sure that our felines are properly stimulated. Placing them in a cat tent is one way to keep them happy, yet not an only safe option.

You can watch Royal Canin USA for a few ideas on how to keep your cat properly stimulated when not in their new enclosure.

Letting your cat outside can be both stressful and risky. Fortunately, there is a safe way to expose them to the outdoors with the use of a cat tent.

We hope that this article will give you and your cat a less stressful alternative to a happier and healthier life.